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Rabbi Silverman Announces Trends to Anticipate for 2021 Weddings

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(Boca Raton, Florida) August 25, 2021

Rabbi Robert Silverman is pleased to announce his latest blog post on trends to anticipate for 2021 weddings. In the latter half of this year, many couples who had to push back their weddings in 2020 are finally able to tie the knot and celebrate their special day with friends and family. That being said, given that we are still battling the pandemic, the weddings may look a bit different than anticipated. In this blog post, readers can learn about some trends couples are implementing in their 2021 weddings, such as second weddings, intimate/micro weddings, “bubble” seating, and more.

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Rabbi Silverman accommodates couples of all types. Whether hosting a large, traditional Jewish wedding or a small, same-sex ceremony, Rabbi Silverman gives each and every couple the same level of respect and care. He believes all couples deserve the chance for a warm, personal ceremony that guests will never forget, and he will do everything in his power to create that.

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“Rabbi Silverman was called upon last minute as our plans changed due to COVID,” one bride says. “He was warm, welcoming, and all around wonderful. He made us feel like he had known us for years, and conducted a beautiful and incredibly special ceremony. Thank you, Rabbi Silverman!

Rabbi Robert Silverman will gladly officiate any life event any family requires. On top of tradition Jewish, interfaith, and same-sex weddings, Rabbi Silverman can officiate baby namings, bar mitzvahs, and more.

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Rabbi Silverman Announces Tips to Avoid Wedding Planning Mistakes

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(Boca Raton, Florida) February 17, 2021

Rabbi Robert Silverman is pleased to announce his recent post on 10 mistakes to avoid when wedding planning. Wedding planning is just as stressful as it is exciting. Many brides stress over details they shouldn’t, take things into their own hands when they should leave it to others, and make other faux-pas that can make the experience not as enjoyable or easy as it could have been. On this post, brides and grooms can learn why they shouldn’t DIY everything, who to invite to pre-wedding parties, how much time to give themselves, and more things to keep in mind when planning their wedding.

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Couples who have worked with Rabbi Silverman know just how valuable it is to have a wedding officiant who goes above and beyond to meet their needs. Rabbi Silverman works closely with his couples to ensure their wedding ceremony is tailored to their needs. No two couples are alike, and he works to reflect that. He gladly works with same-sex couples, or other officiants to host an interfaith wedding.

“Rabbi Silverman made our night so beautiful, we are still hearing from our guests what an incredible ceremony we had!” one happy bride says. “He was with us every step of the way, working with us on our interfaith ceremony that would make everyone feel included. He made sure we were happy with what was spoken and touched on, and made us feel comfortable that all of our families and guests would feel the love that we felt! …He made our guests laugh and cry, and we couldn’t be happier with his services!”

Make your South Florida wedding the wedding of your dreams. For more information on Rabbi Silverman and his services, call (305) 439-1990 or email

Rabbi Silverman Announces Crash-Course in Wedding Basics

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(Boca Raton, Florida) May 27, 2020

Rabbi Robert Silverman is pleased to announce his latest post on wedding basics. For newly-engaged couples, planning a wedding is equally as exciting as it is stressful. There are so many details that one likely didn’t consider until they are engaged, and suddenly they are met with an onslaught of questions. This new post answers early questions many couples have when initially planning their wedding, such as: “Who pays for the wedding?”, “Are gift lists okay?”, “Do I have to wear white?”, “What about walking down the aisle?”, “Special ceremony seating?”, “Is their special reception seating?”, “Who makes the speeches?” and “Bar etiquette.”

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Rabbi Silverman is well known for his ability to put nervous couples at ease. How? By taking their needs into consideration first. Rabbi Silverman listens to precisely what the couple wants out of their wedding officiant in order to craft the wedding ceremony of his clients’ dreams. He gets to know his clients on a personal level so that the ceremony is personal and uniquely theirs.

“He was with us every step of the way, working with us on our interfaith ceremony that would make everyone feel included,” one happy bride says. “He made sure we were happy with what was spoken and touched on, and made us feel comfortable that all of our families and guests would feel the love that we felt! …He made our guests laugh and cry, and we couldn’t be happier with his services!”

In South Florida, Rabbi Silverman is the wedding officiant that couples have been waiting for. Whether it is a traditional Jewish wedding, an interfaith wedding, or a same-sex wedding, Rabbi Silverman treats each couple with the respect and love they need during their special time.

For more information on Rabbi Silverman and his services, call (305) 439–1990, or email him at

Rabbi Spiegel Addresses Coronavirus

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(Cancun, Mexico) March 26, 2020

Cancun, Mexico wedding officiant, Rabbi Spiegel has been closely following the situation surrounding COVID-19. As updates from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are regularly released, Rabbi Spiegel takes the advice given in order to keep everyone safe, because improvement starts with individuals listening to the word of professionals.

As self-isolation and social distancing are two of the main parts of keeping safe, this could mean that couples may have to postpone their wedding day. After so much planning, that thought is a heartbreaking one, but it is the best way to keep everyone healthy. Avoiding large gathering and travel is crucial, especially for elders and immune-compromised people, so Rabbi Spiegel urges you stay home in order to heal faster and finally share your special day with your friends and family when everything has calmed down.

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Rabbi Spiegel has compiled a list of advice given from WHO about the easy things everyone can do in order to keep everyone safer. These practices are the most manageable way to keep everyone safe, happy, and to stop the spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus. It is urged that everyone wash their hands frequently, practice social distancing, avoid touching their face, practice proper respiratory hygiene, and seek medical attention if they have a cough, fever, and difficult breathing.

Through following this advice, there will hopefully be a steady decrease in cases. Rabbi Spiegel urges everyone to practice these tips in order to stay safe, and healthy, but also not to lose hope. By working together, this will all be over soon.

Rabbi Steve Announces When to Book Your Officiant

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(Cancun, Mexico) December 23, 2019

Rabbi Stephen Spiegel (or Rabbi Steve, as he is known by the couples he works with is pleased to announce his website’s new page on when a couple should book their wedding officiant. Too many times has Rabbi Steve seen couples reach out, only to be turned away due to a lack of notice. Scheduling a wedding officiant should be on the top of every couple’s priority list, because it is the officiant who makes their wedding ceremony the ceremony of their dreams.

It is especially important for couples who desire a destination weddings to book the officiant that they feel is the best match. The page advises against booking any venues, or even picking a date, before scheduling the officiant of your dreams. For a good safety blanket, couples should secure their officiant at least a year out from their desired date. This will hopefully mean that the officiant is available for the couple’s desired date.

Rabbis such as Rabbi Steve need this advanced notice. Due to the warmth and personality he interjects into each ceremony, Rabbi Steve is in high demand for Jewish and interfaith weddings in Mexico. Each ceremony Rabbi Steve officiates is tailored to the couple’s specific wants, fostering a ceremony couples and their guests won’t soon forget. Scheduling with Rabbi Steve with ample time before the wedding is the only way to ensure Rabbi Steve is available for your upcoming ceremony.

“We were especially touched by how Rabbi Spiegel got to know us before the wedding,” one bride says. “Planning a destination wedding can be difficult and it meant a lot to us that he wanted to get to know us before our wedding day. It also really helped make the ceremony feel personal.”

For more information on what Rabbi Steve can do for your special day, contact him at (954) 532-3205,, or fill out this contact form.