Lisa Lande Boise native

(PORTLAND, ME) JUNE 14, 2023 – The Quaglia Institute for School Voice & Aspirations (QISVA), a ground-breaking foundation dedicated to enhancing the quality of education by helping students and educators to achieve their dreams, is proud to launch new programs to help the organization empower more educators and students. Dr. Lisa Lande, Director of International Programs at QISVA, believes that students from all walks of life, all around the world, can benefit from the innovative educational models developed by QISVA’s founder, Dr. Russ Quaglia.

“With our new diversity program, we aim to create lesson plans and models that will benefit all students, including groups that have historically struggled,” said Dr. Lande. “Utilizing better tools, teachers can work with students to achieve great outcomes!”

The Quaglia Institute for School Voice & Aspirations has partnered with schools in the United States, Australia, Dubai, and the United Kingdom, a list of countries that Lande hopes to expand with further outreach and marketing about QISVA’s successes over the past forty years. “The potential for international growth is enormous,” said Dr. Lande, a graduate of Boise State University.

Dr. Russ J. Quaglia pioneered the promotion of “Student Voice” and the encouraging of educators to empower students to achieve their aspirations by listening to what they have to say. An internationally recognized author, speaker and researcher in the field of education, Dr. Quaglia believes that all parties involved in the process of education of our youth should have a say in the conversation. While teachers and parents have always had a “seat at the table,” Dr. Quaglia has advocated that students deserve to have their voices heard too.

With a goal of reaching more international markets and more minority communities, QISVA’s diversity initiative hopes to boost achievement levels across a wider spectrum of the population and expand the foundation’s influence to new countries.