(DETROIT, MI) MAY 22, 2023 – With the economy on shaky footing and the future of the industry in doubt, Hanson Renaissance Court Reporters, one of Detroit’s most respected court reporting companies, has announced new plans to solidify its status as a market leader in Motown and strengthen its position across the state of Michigan. Founded sixty years ago, Hanson Renaissance Court Reporters has established itself as a leading firm across the state. The company’s court reporters in Michigan work in cities like Ann Arbor, Lansing, Detroit, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids.

Founded by the late Gerald Hanson in 1963, Hanson Renaissance Court Reporters has grown to become one of Michigan’s most trusted court reporting firms because of its commitment to excellence and accuracy. Although the company started off focused on court reporting in Detroit, it has expanded its reach with an office in Ann Arbor, as well as satellite offices in other cities across Michigan.

Although the court reporting industry has fallen on hard times due to attrition, Hanson Renaissance Court Reporters shows no sign of weakening or slowing down. As the firm turns 60, it is now led by Mr. Hanson’s son, Gerald Hanson, Jr. The firm continues to retain court reporters and attract new court reporters to the business.

The company plans to market its services online to lawyers and attorneys in Detroit and across Michigan through new content on its website, as well as targeted posts and press releases on external blogs. New pages and blog posts on the official website for Hanson Renaissance Court Reporters will help to spread word about the company’s support services for lawyers in various Michigan municipalities. Additionally, the campaign will feature blogs posts, articles and press releases on third-party sites to cast a wider net and hopefully reach more legal professionals across Michigan.