(FOLSOM, CA) MAY 13, 2023 – The demand for legal support services has increased with the growth in population of large states Florida and Texas, presenting opportunities for court reporting companies in these booming states to fill this need. The National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) has affiliate companies positioned in both states to offer first-rate litigation support to law firms, lawyers and attorneys. By offering an expanding array of remote services, NNRC’s member companies stay ahead of the curve and meet the needs of legal professionals. The network features two court reporting companies in Florida, one in the Miami metropolitan area and another in Central Florida.

NNRC’s affiliate companies become valuable partners to lawyers, whether in Texas or any of the other states or countries where the member companies operate. The network’s court reporters in Texas perform work such as transcription services, legal videography, translation services and remote depositions. These companies also help their legal clients with trial preparation, including the production of media like PowerPoint presentations and visual boards. NNRC has partnered with an affiliate company based in Houston. This firm provides legal support services for clients in Space City and other locations across the Lone Star State, such as Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

With affiliate companies strategically positioned across the country, NNRC can serve legal professionals in much of the nation. Firms in the network stand ready to deliver a wide array of services to law firms, attorneys and lawyers who need legal support. The network’s affiliates in places like California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Georgia and North Carolina market themselves to thousands of lawyers and attorneys in these locations.

NNRC member companies across the United States and around the world share resources to advance the cases of their clients. They work together to coordinate remote depositions with out-of-town witnesses and arrange legal videography and other services for legal clients.