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(West Palm Beach, Florida) February 23, 2022

Shalloway & Shalloway is pleased to announce their latest blog posts on special needs trusts and when they are useful. Special needs trusts allow a client to set up a loved one with income that doesn’t affect their eligibility for other governmental programs. In this blog post, Shalloway outlines the different types of special needs trusts, when a first party special needs trust should be used, and how to prepare for long-term care. Long-term care is essential to living out one’s golden years comfortably, and should be something everyone has properly prepared for.

Preparing for these huge life moments shouldn’t be done without an attorney. With the assistance of a qualified elder law attorney, clients can maximize their chances of not only qualifying for Medicaid, but other needs-based governmental programs. The experienced staff at Shalloway & Shalloway can do just that. With decades of experience, clients can be confident they are getting the best resources with the best in the business.

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“Shalloway & Shalloway is one of the top Elder Law Firms in the area!” one client says. “Their staff are professional, knowledgeable and friendly. They know how to get you the answers you need. Shalloway & Shalloway comes with my highest recommendation.”

Elder law is an area of practice designed around the people it serves, not the topic. That is precisely how Shalloway & Shalloway approaches their work. More than anything, the staff wants their clients to be comfortable and confident with the support they are receiving.

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