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(Corpus Christi, Texas) March 23, 2021

Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation is pleased to announce a new option for boosting weight loss. The Corpus Christi wellness clinic now offers its patients Lipo-Plus shots to assist in shedding those stubborn pounds. Lipo-Plus has been implicated to improve upon a number of problems one may have, including one’s fight with weight loss through promoting energy and boosting metabolism. Lipo-plus is offered as an injection, but can be taken in pill form, and is prescribed to work hand-in-hand with an already established regimen of diet and exercise.

With the assistance the dedicated staff at Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation, many people who have struggled with weight that just won’t go away are finally seeing results. On the Advanced Weight Loss program, patients lose an average of 25 to 35 pounds. The program is medically supervised and is focused on helping people achieve the best version of themselves, not on some arbitrary number. The staff is committed to ensuring that Corpus Christi, Texas, and eventually the entire country, turns away from harmful lifestyles in favor of healthy, happy ones.

“I am so grateful I found this place!” one patient says. “Since I began the weight loss program in August I have lost 52 pounds. The program is realistic and easy to follow and the nurses I’ve worked with have been so amazing! Their encouragement and advice has helped me get this far. I highly recommend this program if you have struggled in the past on your own.”

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Dr. Dale Eubank, the primary physician, has developed a lineup of services that promote full-body wellness. Whether a patient is in need of bioidentical hormone therapy, facial rejuvenation, or a body sculpting service, Advanced Wellness and Rejuvenation can help you because the best version of yourself.

For more information on Advanced Weight Loss, call (361) 906-1112, email [email protected], or visit their office for a free consultation.

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