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(Houston, Texas) September 30, 2020

Hanna & Hanna Certified Court Reporting & Video Specialists are pleased to announce their 24-hour booking service. In previous years, a client could only schedule a Houston court reporter or other litigation service by calling or faxing between the hours of nine and five. The staff at Hanna Reporting realized that most attorneys do not work solely between these structured hours and may need access to legal resources at odd hours. As a result, Hanna Reporting developed an after hours contacting resource. By emailing [email protected], attorneys can request whatever service they need at any hour and promptly receive a return phone call or email.

The staff at Hanna & Hanna Reporting understands that accidents happen. Sometimes, a client’s pre-scheduled court reporter or videographer flakes last minute. Sometimes, a case pops up and one of these services are needed as soon as possible. Whatever the reason, Hanna & Hanna’s allows law professionals to book a litigation service in any time, anywhere.

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25 years of experience prompted Hanna & Hanna to expand their services in such a fashion. They know what it takes to be one of the best, and longest lasting, court reporting firms in the Houston area— and that is listening to the needs of their clients. The firm vows to be prepared at all times in order to help clients with any and all of their litigation needs. Hanna & Hanna offer their clients realtime reporting, realtime internet streaming, legal video specialists, and worldwide coverage, because they know how important it is to law professionals to have all their needs met from legal professionals they trust.

To contact Hanna & Hanna Reporting, call (713) 840-8484, fax (713) 583-2442, email [email protected], or visit their offices.

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