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Cady Reporting Announces Page on Court Reporter Technology

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(Cleveland, Ohio)

February 26, 2019

Cady Reporting, a top court reporting firm in Cleveland, Ohio, is pleased to announce their new page on technology utilized by court reporters. The court reporting and litigation industry has made massive changes over the recent decades, mainly due to the needs of their clients. As technology has changed and grown, so have the needs of attorneys and paralegals. They need the best of the best technology available in the legal world. Cady Reporting’s professionals provide their clients with that technology, ensuring the highest quality results an attorney could ask for.

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This page is the final piece of the puzzle that is Cady Reporting’s Resources section. This webpage was designed to help educate clients on the world of court reporting. Here, attorneys and paralegals can find frequently asked questions about court reporters, tips for a successful deposition, a scheduling checklist, and the aforementioned page on court reporting technology. The section also provides with tips to help their court reporter, as well as information on finding the best court reporters in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Attorneys have to make an educated decision about what litigation professional they book for their case. A bad court reporter can make just as much of an impact as a good reporter,” Brandon Bell, an expert from Oak Park, Illinois, says. “Aside from offering their clients some of the best litigation professionals in business, the professionals at Cady Reporting want to be certain their clients are educated on what makes a good court reporter. This is incredibly telling of Cady Reporting’s staff—they want their clients to succeed above all else, and that is admirable.”

Cady Reporting is one of the oldest court reporting firms in Ohio. For 40 years, these Cleveland court reporters have served their area as the top litigation professionals. Clients have come to expect Cady Reporting’s speed and accuracy. Clients know that no matter how big or small the case, their work is important to the staff at Cady. They know their clients by name and treat them like family. This speaks volumes about the quality of work and customer service put forth. Clients are more than just numbers that pay bills, they are people with individual needs, and deserve to be treated as such.

For more information on Cady Reporting, call (888) 624-2239, email cadystaff@cadyreporting.com, or visit their offices.

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Cady Reporting Announces New Resources Page

(Cleveland, Ohio) November 28, 2018

Cady Reporting is pleased to announce a new series of pages on their website. The “Resources” section serves not only as a resource for potential clients to learn more about the world of court reporting, but for court reporters to hone and perfect their skills. The new section will include separate pages that cover Frequently Asked Questions about the world of court reporting, Tips for a Successful Deposition, Basics for Scheduling a Deposition, and information about Technologies Used Today.

This addition is yet another example of how the professionals at Cady Reporting are dedicated to improving the lives of their clients. The staff is fully aware just how important it is that their clients be educated, so that they can make the right decision for their case. It is this dedication that has kept the firm’s doors open for almost 40 years.

Each and every one of the firm’s innovations have come to be from the needs of clients. When the staff realized their clients needed more than just quality court reporting services, they added a wide array of litigation services—from legal videography to subpoena service. As law firms became more specialized, their Cleveland court reporters started to specialize in a number of areas of practice—covering fields from personal injury law, to maritime law.

Cady Reporting knows just how important it is that clients have a variety of litigation options to choose from—as the more specific they can get, the more helpful a service will be. A criminal defense lawyer benefits most from booking a court reporter that has full understanding of their casework. It is an invaluable resource.

“Cady Reporting is truly a quality court reporting firm,” Michael Tristan Petrone of Cooper City says. “They really go above and beyond to make sure all their clients’ needs are satisfied.”

For more information about the firm, call (216) 861-9270, email cadystaff@cadyreporting.com, or visit their office.

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