Shalloway & Shalloway Announces February Seminar Dates

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(West Palm Beach, Florida) January 18, 2022

West Palm Beach elder law firm, Shalloway & Shalloway, is pleased to announce the latest dates in their seminar series. Each month, the firm hosts a seminar program designed to educate the general public on the variety of topics that encompass elder law, because it is far more than wills & trusts. Clients can turn to an elder law attorney when they require assistance with Medicaid planning, guardianship, fiduciary services, and so much more. Each of these topics is jam-packed with it’s own terminology and difficulties that is bound to give any regular individual a headache.

This is where the seminar series comes into play. It allows you to learn about these topics in the comfort of your own home from a professional you know you can trust. Once the seminar is complete, first-time attendees are entitled to one free, private virtual estate planning strategy session via video or phone call. This is a risk-free way to get more information on these difficult topics.

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Make sure you join Shalloway & Shalloway for their upcoming seminar dates in February: Tuesday, February 8 from 2pm-4pm, Wednesday, February 9 from 10am-12pm, Thursday, February 10 from 2pm-4pm. The three dates allow you to pick which date works best for your schedule so you can be certain you’ll make it.

For over 30 years, Shalloway & Shalloway has been the go-to South Florida elder law firm for seniors across the region. Mark Shalloway is known for his care and his ability to line out everything to his clients in “plain English” so they never miss a detail.

Learn more about Shalloway and his staff  call (561) 686-6200, fill out this contact form, or visit their offices.

1400 Centrepark Blvd., Suite #600, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

BWF Announces Remote Depositions

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(Portland, Oregon) January 12, 2022

Beovich, Walter & Friend (BWF Reporting) is pleased to announce their remote deposition services. For years now, many litigation support firms have offered remote deposition. It’s only over the course of the past two years, however, that professionals have grown to realize the importance of the service. It allows entire legal teams to meet up with one another without leaving their homes. Not only does it keep everyone safe during a global pandemic, but it saves legal professionals money when they would have to travel to be a part of said meeting otherwise.

Remote depositions are an essential service for court reporting firms today, and Beovich, Walter & Friend is happy to offer it. The utilize the best software available to ensure everyone is connected over a secure server where they can be properly seen and heard. On the rare occasion that something goes wrong, the Portland court reporters are on standby to help.

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“Beovich Walter & Friend provides excellent client service,” one satisfied client says. “We especially appreciate how easy BWF makes it to conduct video depositions with out-of-state witnesses.  With one phone call, their talented office staff takes care of all the logistics.   I can indeed say, that was easy!”

As a full-service litigation support firm, BWF Reporters offer so much more than remote depositions. Attorneys can work with the best Portland court reporters in the business. They can get the most up to date videography technology with a legal video service. They can work in pristine conference rooms. Whatever attorneys needs are, BWF can help.

To learn more about Beovich, Walter, & Friend, call (503) 228-7201 or email

1000 SW Broadway, Suite 1660 Portland, OR  97205

NNRC Announces Services

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(Folsom, California) January 5, 2022

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce their list of services. Court reporters are essential to any deposition or trial, but they aren’t the only litigation support service attorneys find themselves needing. The NNRC prides itself in being a full-service litigation support resource for attorneys, and their list of services prove that. On top of finding quality, global court reporters, attorneys can also book skilled realtime reporting professionals, legal videographers, and more. To find the litigation support service a client needs, all they have to do is visit the NNRC website.

For more than 30 years, the NNRC has been the go-to litigation support service for not only attorneys across the United States, but the globe. Not just any firm can become an NNRC partner. Court reporting firms undergo a strict vetting process to assure their speed, accuracy, efficiency, and quality of customer service. By employing this strict standard upon every partner, clients don’t have to worry about their quality of service with they book with the NNRC. No matter where they are, they know working with the NNRC will grant them the results they need.

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Scheduling with the NNRC has never been simpler. Clients can always book a service through phone call or email, but there is an even easier route. Clients can fill out the mobile-friendly, online scheduling form at any time of day, no matter where they are. All they need is a secure internet connection, and in a matter of minutes they can have their court reporting service scheduled.

To learn more about the NNRC, call  (866) 337-6672, email, or visit their offices.

950 Glenn Drive, Suite 150 Folsom, CA 95630

Hanna & Hanna Reporting Announces Testimonials

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(Houston, Texas) December 29, 2021

Hanna & Hanna Reporting is pleased to announce their testimonials page. Prospective clients can peruse the firm’s website to learn more about the offered services and get some answers about frequently asked questions, but for some, it’s more valuable to see what people like them think. Seeing the firm in an unbiased lens allows them to be more confident in the decision they are making about their litigation support service of choice. This testimonials page allows clients to do just that.

“Great family owned business and the customer service shows,” one satisfied client says. “Very responsive to email and easy to schedule. I use them at my firm and will continue to do so.”

Attorneys can get a full range of litigation support from the Houston court reporters at Hanna & Hanna Reporting. Their staff is made up of qualified, Certified Realtime Reporters, Certified Livenote Reporters, and Certified Live Deposition Reporters, as well as Certified Legal Video Specialists. When clients work with Hanna & Hanna Reporting, they can be confident they are getting the fastest, most accurate, and most reliable service in the business.

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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, clients can enjoy the safety and convenience of remote depositions. Remote depositions allow clients to meet “face-to-face” with their entire legal team no matter where in the world they are over a secure server. Hanna & Hanna Reporting uses the best technology available to ensure clear audio and visuals. Should anything go wrong, their staff is on standby to troubleshoot.

For more information on the firm, call (713) 840-8484, email, or visit their offices.

8582 Katy Freeway,  Suite 105, Houston, TX 77024

Laws Reporting Announces Deposition Scheduling Checklist

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(Miami, Florida) December 29, 2021

Laws Reporting is pleased to announce their deposition scheduling checklist. When attorneys schedule through email or over a phone call, sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether or not they have all the information they need to provide at hand. Laws Reporting’s deposition scheduling checklist eliminates that problem. All the information attorneys and paralegals need to provide are laid out on one concise page. Clients can even fill out the page itself for their own usage. It makes everything that much easier.

The staff at Laws Reporting has always done what they can to provide clients the resources they need to do their job with ease. That is precisely what the firm does with their resources tab on their website. There, clients can have just about any of the major questions about litigation support answered in the various FAQs. They can also learn more about the basics of a successful deposition and access their various site logins.

“Great family owned business and the customer service shows,” one client says. “Very responsive to email and easy to schedule. I use them at my firm and will continue to do so.”

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Attorneys require litigation support professionals whose speed and accuracy they can rely on with every job. Laws Reporting’s staff is proud of their education and their experience. It is what shaped them into the capable litigation support professionals they are. They welcome questions about their education and credentials, as they understand how important it is to have a court reporting professional one can count on.

For more information on the firm, call (954) 581-4010, email, or visit their offices.

7805 S.W. 6th Court, Suite 51, Plantation, FL 33324

Advanced Weight Loss Discusses Obesity and COVID-19

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(Corpus Christi, Texas) December 28, 2021

Advanced Weight Loss is pleased to announce their recent blog post on the links between obesity and COVID-19. According to the CDC, those who are obese are more likely to experience severe COVID-19 symptoms upon being diagnosed with it. According to the blog post, more than 30% of COVID-19 hospitalizations are obese. In many cases, this may be due to an already incapacitated air flow. As a result, obese individuals are more likely to be admitted to the ICU and require invasive medical ventilation.

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As case numbers continue to rise, now more than ever is the right time to take one’s health into their own hands and achieve the weight loss goals they have always had in mind. But sometimes it isn’t as easy as eating right and upping one’s activity. Sometimes, those on a weight loss journey require assistance.  For those in southern Texas, Advanced Weight Loss is the answer for one’s stubborn weight.

The personable and experienced staff at Advanced Weight Loss takes the time to get to know their patients, their lives, and their needs. This allows them to produce a diet and exercise regimen that is perfectly tailored to that specific patient’s life, producing the best results possible.

“This is a fabulous program with an amazing and helpful staff,” one satisfied patient says. “I have lost 58 pounds in 8 months. I love the weekly meetings with nurses that help guide you through the program and offer great tips and suggestions. It works!”

Start your new year off right and take your health into your own hands. For more information on Advanced Weight Loss and their services, call (361) 906-1112, email, or visit their offices.

5920 Saratoga Boulevard, Suite 110B, Corpus Christi, Texas  78414

Mark Shalloway Named Top Lawyer By Jupiter Magazine

(West Palm Beach, Florida) December 15, 2021

Mark Shalloway, president of West Palm Beach elder law firm Shalloway & Shalloway, is pleased to announce that he has been included in Jupiter Magazine’2021 list of Top Lawyers within South Florida. The peer-review survey was sent out for those in South Florida to fill out and name who in the area makes up the best of the best. Thanks to the votes of peers, Shalloway can be found on Jupiter Magazine’s Top Lawyers list.

Anyone who has worked with Mark Shalloway knows just how fitting this title is. Shalloway is well-known for his dedication to the people. In a time that is often one of the most difficult moments of a client’s life, Shalloway proceeds with compassion and care. Clients are never taken advantage of or misled. He interprets difficult “legalese” into “plain English” his clients can understand, so they know precisely what they are entitled to.

We just completed our estate planning package (wills, trust, DPOAs, etc.) and were very pleased with the experience,” one satisfied client says. “Our attorneys were Mark Shalloway and Jeremy Soffler, and we enjoyed working with both of them. They were generous with their time, advice, and experience, and they and the rest of the staff were very helpful, professional, and a pleasure to work with. We would gladly recommend them.”

Shalloway & Shalloway does so much more than wills & trusts. Elder law encompasses a broad range of areas of practice, including Medicaid Planning, Asset Protection, Veterans Benefits, and more. First and foremost, elder law is designed to help the people. That is precisely what Mark Shalloway and his staff do.

For more information on the firm, call (561) 686-6200, fill out this contact form, or visit their offices.

1400 Centrepark Blvd., Suite #600, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Envision Legal Announce Court Reporter FAQ

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(Las Vegas, Nevada) November 30, 2021

Envision Legal is pleased to announce their page of frequently asked questions about court reporters. Despite being a crucial aspect of the world of law, many still don’t understand exactly what court reporters do for a legal team. This page illustrates exactly why court reporters are crucial to any legal team. Find answers to some of the most common questions about court reporters the general public tends to have, including: how do steno-keyboards work? How many words can court reporters write per minute? How do you become a certified court reporter? Will court reporters be replaced by recording devices?

Envision Legal works to answer all these questions and more through their in-depth Resources section on their website. On top of answering frequently asked court reporting questions, clients can find answers on the top questions about video depositions and realtime streaming. From that point on, clients can learn more about the technology the firm uses, their locations, how to ensure a quality deposition, and more. Whatever their need answers to, Envision can deliver.

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After perusing Envision Legal’s many resources, clients should be ready to book one of the best Las Vegas court reporters in the business. Their staff prides themselves not only on being the fastest, most accurate, and most efficient legal professionals out there, but the most dedicated to their clients’ experience. They foster a genuine connection to their clients so they feel like more than just numbers. Their needs are in the hands of a professional who cares.

For more information on Envision Legal and their services, call (702) 805-4800, email, or visit their offices.

700 South 3rd Street, RMCM Building – 1st floor, Las Vegas, NV 89101

Shalloway & Shalloway Announces December Seminar Dates

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(West Palm Beach, Florida) November 30, 2021

West Palm Beach elder law firm, Shalloway & Shalloway, is pleased to announce the latest dates in their free, virtual seminar series. Elder law is an umbrella of law that covers a wide variety of topics, including estate planning, Medicaid planning, financial planning, and so much more. Just one of these topics can be difficult to navigate on one’s own. Having to learn about a number of them at once is daunting. To help alleviate some of that stress, firm President Mark Shalloway takes to Zoom on a monthly basis to educate the general public on these topics.

The upcoming seminar dates for the month of December are as followed: Tuesday, December 7 from 2pm to 4pm, Wednesday, December 8 from 10am to 12pm, and Thursday, December 9 from 2pm to 4pm. While the seminar series is completely free, guests are encouraged to reserve their spots to get the most out of the program. This can be done by calling (561) 686-6200 during regular office hours, emailing, or filling out the form on the bottom of this page.

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Mark Shalloway and his team of elder law attorneys have supported the elder community of South Florida for over 30 years. During what may be one of the most difficult times in a client’s life, Shalloway treats his clients with kindness, respect, and clarity, so they know precisely what they are entitled to. In the world of law, this is crucial.

I have worked with Shalloway and Shalloway for many years,” one client says. “Mark and his team are fantastic with their clients. Working with Brooke and Jeremy has been a breathe of fresh air. I recommend their services for estate and medicaid planning as they are on top of all the latest changes.”

For more information call (561) 686-6200, fill out this contact form, or visit their offices.

1400 Centrepark Blvd., Suite #600, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Laws Reporting Announces Testimonials

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(Miami, Florida) November 16, 2021

Laws Reporting is pleased to announce their page of testimonials. While reading about a firm’s services is enlightening, the staff at Laws Reporting understands that, sometimes, it can be nice to read what real clients have to say about the firm. By offering a page of testimonials, clients can read what others have to say about Laws Reporting with their own eyes, thus allowing them to be confident in the decision they’ve made. It’s clear through one read-through that Laws Reporting is the clear choice for litigation support in South Florida.

“If you are looking for professional–  always on point–  court reporters, look no further. Laws Reporting, Inc. always delivers,” one satisfied client says.

Laws Reporting is a court reporting owned and operated firm. They understand exactly what attorneys need, because they are the ones in the courtroom, taking part in the legal proceedings. Much of their staff is certified in more than one type of reporting, making them a valuable asset to any legal team. Whether an attorney needs a traditional Miami court reporter or a realtime professional, they can count on Laws Reporting to deliver.

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As a full service litigation support firm, attorneys can have any and all of their needs taken care of with Laws Reporting. They offer standard court reporting and legal video, as well as interpreting and mediation services. There really is nothing attorneys can’t do when they work with the fast, accurate, and reliable staff with Laws Reporting.

For more information, call (954) 581-4010, email, or visit their offices.

7805 S.W. 6th Court, Suite 51, Plantation, FL 33324