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Ludwig Klein Announces New Services to Meet the Needs of Top Attorneys




Ludwig Klein is positioning itself to be the go-to firm among Los Angeles court reporters.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) SEPTEMBER 21, 2015— Los Angeles court reporters at Ludwig Klein Reporters and Video are pleased to announce a new initiative to add technical services that meet the needs of top attorneys in Los Angeles and across Southern California.

Court reporting and legal videography are both essential for today’s attorneys. Whether it is in depositions, court trials, arbitration, seminars, hearings, and mock trials and juries, today’s lawyers are relying on innovative technology to help them work more effectively and take new command of the information they need for their cases.

Connectivity is at the core of many of these services, including realtime reporting, videoconferencing, encrypted email delivery of transcripts, and audio and video streaming. Each tool offers lawyers ways to expand their reach in the challenging Southern California market and beyond, even working remotely anywhere in the country or around the world with Ludwig and Klein’s worldwide scheduling.

Los Angeles court reporting firms like Ludwig Klein have the experience to help law firms capitalize on the rapid innovations in technology for the legal professional. They have worked to remain leaders in providing lawyers with the solutions for the challenges of today’s legal work.

For more information on how Ludwig Klein can help your law firm serve its clients better, visit their website at

Ludwig Klein Announces New Services for Today’s Attorneys



Ludwig Klein has positioned itself as the source for new technology serving legal professionals in Southern California.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) SEPTEMBER 17, 2015— Los Angeles court reporters at Ludwig Klein Reporters and Video are pleased to announce the addition of new services to meet the needs of today’s busy attorneys in Southern California.

In the Los Angeles legal community, there is a growing awareness of the important role that technology can play in every facet of today’s casework. Los Angeles court reporting firms like Ludwig Klein, court reporting professionals are hard at work developing innovative solutions to the challenges facing lawyers in the law firm and in the courtroom.

Ludwig Klein provides court reporting and legal videography for depositions, court trials, arbitrations, seminars, hearings, and mock trials and juries.

The firm also offers many other services including realtime reporting, audio and video streaming, videoconferencing, and litigation support. These tools give lawyers ways to work more efficiently and effectively, better utilizing their time and talents to develop impactful arguments for their clients.

As the legal profession has evolved, it has been crucial for law firms to partner with court reporting professionals that can help them reach their goals. Ludwig Klein is ready to provide new ideas and an experienced team to help lawyers succeed.