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Orange County California Court Reporters AMK Reporting Announce New Mobile Booking Engine

(Irvine, California) November 28, 2017 Abrams, Mah & Kan (AMK) Reporting is pleased to announce the creation of a mobile booking engine. The new platform for scheduling services for the Orange County court reporters allows clients to lock in everything from real time reporting for depositions to videography and litigation support.

AMK Reporting is among the most trusted and respected reporting companies in the United States. With their 25-year record of excellence, the company is among the most sought-after by attorneys who travel to Southern California. With their areas of practice including cases in criminal law, real estate law, wills and trusts, copyright law, corporate law and other fields, AMK has emerged as an industry leader thanks to their forward motion as a technology company that retains the professional standards of traditional legal professionals.

Their forward-thinking approach is what created the mobile booking engine that allows clients to reserve services from any mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) as well as their desk top computers. The importance of providing clients with a responsive platform for scheduling services cannot be understated during the current business culture with attorneys and paralegals constantly pressed for precious time as they travel to their cases and various legal duties.

President Evelyn Mah explains the evolution of her firm’s approach to online technologies:

“We are very excited at the way our new mobile scheduling platform allows for our clients to book services at the last minute and from any device connected to the Internet 24/7. Our website is our permanent non-stop office and our clients have embraced the way we have utilized online repositories as well. It’s been a game-changer for us!”

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AMK Reporting Announces Tools for Irvine Legal Professionals




AMK is a leader in providing lawyers with the latest technology.

(IRVINE, CA) SEPTEMBER 17, 2015— Irvine court reporters at AMK Reporting are pleased to announce many new technology-based services to help legal professionals meet the needs of their clients in a demanding legal field.

AMK Reporting and Videoconferencing Services offer the tools that today’s attorneys need to work with greater efficiency. These tools can help lawyers collect, manage, and deliver information in new ways, helping to work more effectively and deliver compelling arguments to jurors.

Today’s lawyers are working with many types of media, and Irvine court reporting firms like AMK can help lawyers work with audio and video files as well as documents packaged in any form. Video has become essential for today’s lawyers, and AMK can work with lawyers to make the most of this powerful media.

Connectivity is crucial in many types of cases. Whether it is realtime reporting that provides immediate access to rough transcripts as proceedings unfold or videoconferencing to provide new ways of connecting with co-counsel or witnesses, AMK can provide the support today’s lawyers need.

As the legal field presents new challenges, AMK can be a partner for law firms who want to integrate new technology and fresh ideas into how they manage their case materials and deliver their arguments.