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(Folsom, California) February 2, 2022

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce their Illinois partner. The NNRC holds high standards for all their prospective partners. Firms must go through an intense vetting process that assures their speed, accuracy, efficiency, and customer service lives up to the National Network Reporting Company name. In doing so, attorneys can book a service with the NNRC anywhere in the world without having to worry about whether or not the firm can live up to their needs.

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In the state of Illinois, the NNRC’s partner is McCorkle Litigation Services. The firm has a 50 year history of providing its clients stellar services as well as stellar support. Their Chicago court reporters get accurate transcripts to their clients the first time. Their legal videographers use the best technology in the business. Whatever litigation support service a client needs, McCorkle can deliver. By forming solid client relationships, the firm has cemented itself as one of the best in Chicago, making it a great choice for the NNRC.

No matter where an attorney is, they can expect similar, top-of-the-line service when they work with the NNRC. The NNRC was formed by five leaders in the world of court reporting who realized that there was no set standard for court reporting. This led to wide discrepancies in service, which caused a great deal of problems for attorneys who received the short end of the stick. The NNRC’s founders made it their mission to bring quality court reporting to attorneys everywhere, and that is precisely what they have achieved.

To learn more about the NNRC and their partners, call (866) 337-6672, email [email protected], or visit their offices.

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