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(West Palm Beach, Florida) January 18, 2022

West Palm Beach elder law firm, Shalloway & Shalloway, is pleased to announce the latest dates in their seminar series. Each month, the firm hosts a seminar program designed to educate the general public on the variety of topics that encompass elder law, because it is far more than wills & trusts. Clients can turn to an elder law attorney when they require assistance with Medicaid planning, guardianship, fiduciary services, and so much more. Each of these topics is jam-packed with it’s own terminology and difficulties that is bound to give any regular individual a headache.

This is where the seminar series comes into play. It allows you to learn about these topics in the comfort of your own home from a professional you know you can trust. Once the seminar is complete, first-time attendees are entitled to one free, private virtual estate planning strategy session via video or phone call. This is a risk-free way to get more information on these difficult topics.

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Make sure you join Shalloway & Shalloway for their upcoming seminar dates in February: Tuesday, February 8 from 2pm-4pm, Wednesday, February 9 from 10am-12pm, Thursday, February 10 from 2pm-4pm. The three dates allow you to pick which date works best for your schedule so you can be certain you’ll make it.

For over 30 years, Shalloway & Shalloway has been the go-to South Florida elder law firm for seniors across the region. Mark Shalloway is known for his care and his ability to line out everything to his clients in “plain English” so they never miss a detail.

Learn more about Shalloway and his staff  call (561) 686-6200, fill out this contact form, or visit their offices.

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