AMK Announces Tips of Help Your Court Reporter


(Irvine, California) May 9, 2019

Abrams, Mah & Kahn Reporting (AMK Reporting) is pleased to announce their new page of tips to help your court reporter. Court reporters are responsible for providing attorneys with transcripts of their depositions and trials, which they achieve through their inhuman typing speed. Despite the high level of accuracy a court reporter much achieve in order to become certified, there are a few, easy things attorneys can do to ensure the most accurate transcript possible. The page advises to provide correct spelling of important words, speak clearly, and to not use inarticulate sounds.

Abrams, Mah & Kahn is one of the leading court reporting firms in Southern California. Since 1990, AMK Reporting has played a major role in a number of large, complex cases, but it isn’t size that matters. No matter how big, small, or how many services booked, AMK treats each and every client with the same level of respect and diligence. The talented staff is committed to providing the best results on a case, because it is client satisfaction that that drives AMK to be the best.

Credit: The Globe and Mail

“When it comes to court reporting firms, AMK stands out,” Logan Copley, a business and legal consultant from Liverpool, New York says. “Their quality of reporting, their accuracy, their timeliness, and their customer service are top tier, and they come together to form the best court reporting experience in the business.”

Whether a client needs a court reporting service, trial support, or realtime reporting, AMK has them covered. The staff at AMK approaches each and every one of their services with the utmost care. Attorneys and paralegals need not worry about whether or not AMK will be able to serve their specific area of practice—the staff has vast knowledge of every branch to ensure their accuracy. No matter what a client needs, AMK goes the extra mile.

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