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Cady Reporting Announces Page on Court Reporter Technology

Credit: Singapore Law Gazette

(Cleveland, Ohio)

February 26, 2019

Cady Reporting, a top court reporting firm in Cleveland, Ohio, is pleased to announce their new page on technology utilized by court reporters. The court reporting and litigation industry has made massive changes over the recent decades, mainly due to the needs of their clients. As technology has changed and grown, so have the needs of attorneys and paralegals. They need the best of the best technology available in the legal world. Cady Reporting’s professionals provide their clients with that technology, ensuring the highest quality results an attorney could ask for.

Credit: Milestone Court Reporting

This page is the final piece of the puzzle that is Cady Reporting’s Resources section. This webpage was designed to help educate clients on the world of court reporting. Here, attorneys and paralegals can find frequently asked questions about court reporters, tips for a successful deposition, a scheduling checklist, and the aforementioned page on court reporting technology. The section also provides with tips to help their court reporter, as well as information on finding the best court reporters in Cleveland, Ohio.

“Attorneys have to make an educated decision about what litigation professional they book for their case. A bad court reporter can make just as much of an impact as a good reporter,” Brandon Bell, an expert from Oak Park, Illinois, says. “Aside from offering their clients some of the best litigation professionals in business, the professionals at Cady Reporting want to be certain their clients are educated on what makes a good court reporter. This is incredibly telling of Cady Reporting’s staff—they want their clients to succeed above all else, and that is admirable.”

Cady Reporting is one of the oldest court reporting firms in Ohio. For 40 years, these Cleveland court reporters have served their area as the top litigation professionals. Clients have come to expect Cady Reporting’s speed and accuracy. Clients know that no matter how big or small the case, their work is important to the staff at Cady. They know their clients by name and treat them like family. This speaks volumes about the quality of work and customer service put forth. Clients are more than just numbers that pay bills, they are people with individual needs, and deserve to be treated as such.

For more information on Cady Reporting, call (888) 624-2239, email, or visit their offices.

Western Reserve Building, 1468 West 9th Street, Suite 440, Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Advanced Weight Loss Announces Easy Exercises for Beginners

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(Corpus Christi, Texas) February 21, 2019

Corpus Christi weight loss clinic, Advanced Weight Loss, is pleased to announce their brand-new page on easy exercises that anyone can do for free in the comfort of their own home. The staff at Advanced Weight Loss Recognize that one of the hardest things about getting into shape is figuring out what exercise regimens are best for them—especially if money is a problem. With these five tips, the journey to weight loss becomes a little more attainable.

The key is getting your blood pumping. Dancing to a Zumba program, or even just to a playlist of favorite music, for 30 minutes every day makes a world of difference. If dancing isn’t exactly something you’re comfortable with, go for bike rides. If you don’t own a bike, you could try exercises that focus on using your own weight as resistance—such as squats or pushups. If you have trouble making up your own regimen, there are plenty of online programs to follow—from complete ab workouts, to yoga programs. Each and every one of these suggestions can be easily implemented into your every day schedule, and if you need them to be, they can be totally free.

“It isn’t just dieting or just exercising that makes for the most successful weight loss story,” Gary Jouver, an expert from Montville, Connecticut, says. “It’s a combination of a number of factors. If you exercise, but eat poorly, you won’t yield the results you want. The same goes for eating well, but sitting on the couch all day. There’s a fine balance to walk in order to garner the best results possible.”

As the premiere weight loss clinic in South Texas, the staff at Advanced Weight Loss know this to be entirely true. This is why the clinic’s lead physician, Dr. Dale Eubank, gives each and every one of his clients a personalized regimen of diet and exercise to go along with whatever service they sign up with. Not everyone can keep up with the same diet, and sometimes, health reasons prevent people from exercising the same way as others. After a physical evaluation, Dr. Eubank prescribes a regimen based on what he feels will benefit his clients the most.

Dr. Eubank’s service isn’t about meeting numbers, it’s about making sure his clients achieve the best version of themselves possible. He wants his clients to succeed just as much as they want to succeed.

For more information on Advanced Weight Loss’s services, call (361) 906-1112, email, or visit their offices.

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Mark Shalloway Announces Changes in Florida Special Needs Trust Law

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(West Palm Beach, Florida) February 20, 2019

Mark Shalloway— president of Palm Beach elder law firm, Shalloway & Shalloway—is pleased to announce a new post on the law firm’s website. Mark Shalloway and his dedicated staff of elder law attorneys use the site’s blog and newsletter functions to keep their clients updated with the latest in the fields surrounding elder law. Shalloway’s most recent post is on new updates surrounding Florida’s Special Needs Trust Law.

As per a previous piece, recent changes to the federal law now make it so individuals with disabilities can establish their own trusts (a “first person trust”) rather than having someone set it up on their behalf. A new bill, however, makes it easier for trustees to change the terms of the trust. This means they could rewrite the terms of the trust, which may (or may not) be a good thing.

No matter what happens under the changes of the law, the staff at Shalloway & Shalloway will be there for their clients. For 30 years now, Mark Shalloway and his elder law attorneys have provided help to clients on cases big and small. During such a trying time in one’s life, it is crucial they have an attorney behind them that is passionate about their needs. The staff at Shalloway & Shalloway are those professionals.

“It really makes a difference when clients can tell their attorney wants the best for them,” Brandon Bell, a legal consultant in Oak Park, Illinois, says. “In such a trying time in one’s life, it is crucial they feel supported. Mark Shalloway and his staff provide clients with that support they crave, as well as the results they need.”

For more information on Shalloway & Shalloway, call (561) 686-6200, fill out their contact form, or visit their offices.

1400 Centrepark Blvd, Suite #600, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Ryan Reporting Announces New Testimonial Page

(Rockledge, Florida) February 14, 2019

Ryan Reporting is pleased to announce their brand-new testimonial page on their website. For many potential clients, seeing offered services and promises of the company doesn’t give them enough information to want to book with a company. Seeing what past clients have to say about the company, however, solidifies just how high of quality the firm is.

“Ryan Reporting made us feel right at home and made our work go much more smoothly,” one satisfied customer says. “Ryan offers the types of services that we needed, and they were able to set everything up in a way that allowed us to forget about the technology and get through our work. Bravo. We’ll be visiting again.”

It’s no wonder these Orlando court reporters receive such stellar accolades. For nearly 50 years, Ryan Reporting has been the go-to court reporting service for attorneys and paralegals in central and north Florida. The firm offers past, present, and future clients a variety of court reporting specialists—from civil rights court reporters, to environmental and natural resources court reporters—and a vast number of litigation services. No matter how big or small a case, Ryan Reporting’s services are right for any attorney.

Their association with the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) further solidifies the quality of reporting the firm puts out. To be accepted as a member to the NNRC, a court reporting firm must be among the most timely, effective, and accurate, all the while offering their clients the best customer service in the business. As a member, Ryan Reporting checks each and every one of these boxes.

For more information on Ryan Reporting, call (321) 633-0972, email, or visit their offices.

1670 South Fiske Blvd, Rockledge, Florida 32955, USA