Month: October 2015

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Bienenstock Court Reporters Announces New Services for Today’s Top Attorneys




Bienenstock serves lawyers in Detroit an in many locations across Michigan.

(DETROIT, MI) OCTOBER 15, 2015— Detroit court reporters at Bienenstock Court Reporting and Video are pleased to announce a robust selection of services and technology to help lawyers meet the new challenges in today’s legal work.

Bienenstock Court Reporting & Video has been the leader in quality court reporting, legal video and litigation support services since 1995. Whether you have depositions in Detroit or Denver, or a trial presentation in New York or New Mexico, you can rely on Bienenstock Court Reporting & Video for prompt, professional, and problem-free service.

Bienenstock offers national scheduling, realtime reporting, and a wide range of video services to enhance every phase of legal work. Bienenstock’s professionals also have the experience to help lawyers meet new challenges, which makes Bienenstock a leader among Detroit court reporting firms.

Our experienced and professional staff can assist you from the opening of discovery to the close of your case by providing the highest quality court reporting and litigation support services available. We work hard to make your job easier.

NNRC Announces New Geographical Index Listing







Geographical index gives lawyers more tools for when their work takes them out of town.

(FOLSOM, CA) OCTOBER 15, 2015— The National Network of Reporting Companies is pleased to announce a new resource for attorneys across the country. The new NNRC Geographic Index page is the online destination for lawyers who are seeking court reporting services and travel resources in cities across the country.

The National Network of Reporting Companies (NNRC) is a vast network of court reporters from coast to coast and border to border who meet strict criteria for membership. They offer the latest technology and the most experienced teams to lawyers who are taking on today’s challenging cases.

On the website, lawyers can learn more about some of the services that are separating NNRC members from their competitors in individual markets. Their new technology is helping lawyers work in new ways, taking advantage of the connectivity that has changed our world.

On the page, lawyers can click on individual cities to learn more about the court reporting firms that serve those areas. They can visit their individual pages on the NNRC website, connect with the firm over social media, and even learn more about travel to those cities with links to chambers of commerce and travel information.

To explore the new page, check out the new NNRC Court Reporters Geographical Index.

SophiaStar Announces New Legacy Packages for Retired Athletes, Actors and Public Figures

groundpalettemasterSophiaStar is pleased to announce the creation of its new Legacy packages for actors, athletes, financial advisors, politicians, musicians, and others in the public eye. The new Legacy packages create an online presence that honors, preserves and promulgates the careers of public figures, particularly after their retirement.

Creating Revenue Streams for Retired Athletes

The Legacy packages include websites that offer career highlights, online shopping for such items as signed memorabilia, and a speaking engagement registration option. Other elements of this new campaign include viral social media of official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, blogging, Wikipedia editing and more.

SophiaStar President George Magalios elaborates on the relationship between retired athletes and their fans:

“As a diehard sports fan I always found it difficult to write, buy memorabilia and learn more about my beloved athletes. Our new Legacy packages ensure that retired athletes, movie stars and other personalities control the message of how they are perceived online and how they can profit from their careers. A legacy is a gift we leave behind to our children, our grandchildren and friends. Professional athletes need to consider their digital legacies as great money-making tools for their families and an important part of honoring their accomplishments.”

Celebrities In Need of an Online Presence

It is amazing to consider that many A-List movie stars, athletes and politicians have no official website or dedicated online presence. SophiaStar aims to fill the void in the digital domain by creating revenue streams and online presence building entities that allow for a tighter control of one’s image.

For more information visit or the official SophiaStar Facebook page.