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Advanced Weight Loss Announces New Medi Weight Loss Plan







Corpus Christi medi weight loss is more effective than ever with this new plan.

(CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) SEPTEMBER 25, 2015—Corpus Christi weight loss doctors at Advanced Weight loss are pleased to announce that it now offers a Medi weight loss plan that has a proven track record of success.

The Serotonin Plus weight loss plan is a powerful approach that helps people lose weight safely in a way that allows them to sustain their weight loss results. The program relies on the power of natural serotonin, which can help people change their approach to food and get the weight loss results that they deserve.

Serotonin helps patients alleviate cravings for carbohydrates, which can play an important role in helping patients lose weight. Through this doctor-supervised program, patients are also armed with the tools they need to maintain their success over time.

The SP Diet can be used to achieve a wide range of weight loss results for patients who have wide-ranging needs. Patients who are interested in losing just a few pounds can find success, and so can those who are seeking more significant weight loss.

By expand the reach of the top Corpus Christi weight loss clinic, more patients will have access to a program that has a proven track record of sustainable, effective weight loss results.

Ludwig Klein Announces New Services to Meet the Needs of Top Attorneys




Ludwig Klein is positioning itself to be the go-to firm among Los Angeles court reporters.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) SEPTEMBER 21, 2015— Los Angeles court reporters at Ludwig Klein Reporters and Video are pleased to announce a new initiative to add technical services that meet the needs of top attorneys in Los Angeles and across Southern California.

Court reporting and legal videography are both essential for today’s attorneys. Whether it is in depositions, court trials, arbitration, seminars, hearings, and mock trials and juries, today’s lawyers are relying on innovative technology to help them work more effectively and take new command of the information they need for their cases.

Connectivity is at the core of many of these services, including realtime reporting, videoconferencing, encrypted email delivery of transcripts, and audio and video streaming. Each tool offers lawyers ways to expand their reach in the challenging Southern California market and beyond, even working remotely anywhere in the country or around the world with Ludwig and Klein’s worldwide scheduling.

Los Angeles court reporting firms like Ludwig Klein have the experience to help law firms capitalize on the rapid innovations in technology for the legal professional. They have worked to remain leaders in providing lawyers with the solutions for the challenges of today’s legal work.

For more information on how Ludwig Klein can help your law firm serve its clients better, visit their website at

AMK Reporting Announces Tools for Irvine Legal Professionals




AMK is a leader in providing lawyers with the latest technology.

(IRVINE, CA) SEPTEMBER 17, 2015— Irvine court reporters at AMK Reporting are pleased to announce many new technology-based services to help legal professionals meet the needs of their clients in a demanding legal field.

AMK Reporting and Videoconferencing Services offer the tools that today’s attorneys need to work with greater efficiency. These tools can help lawyers collect, manage, and deliver information in new ways, helping to work more effectively and deliver compelling arguments to jurors.

Today’s lawyers are working with many types of media, and Irvine court reporting firms like AMK can help lawyers work with audio and video files as well as documents packaged in any form. Video has become essential for today’s lawyers, and AMK can work with lawyers to make the most of this powerful media.

Connectivity is crucial in many types of cases. Whether it is realtime reporting that provides immediate access to rough transcripts as proceedings unfold or videoconferencing to provide new ways of connecting with co-counsel or witnesses, AMK can provide the support today’s lawyers need.

As the legal field presents new challenges, AMK can be a partner for law firms who want to integrate new technology and fresh ideas into how they manage their case materials and deliver their arguments.

Keleher’s Announces Fresno Court Reporting Services




Keleher’s is the soruce for top Fresno court reporters.

(FRESNO, CA) SEPTEMBER 17, 2015— Fresno court reporters at Keleher’s Certified Shorthand Reporters are pleased to announce new services to serve the legal community.

Keleher’s, a family run business, is now owned by Jean Keleher, the founder’s daughter, who started with the firm in 1978. Jean has expanded her father’s original ideas by adding amenities like spacious conference rooms and special services for out-of-town clientele. And of course there is always someone there to provide you with refreshments.

These new services meet the technical needs of today’s attorneys. They include videoconferencing, realtime reporting, and a wide range of litigation support tools to help lawyers work more efficiently and make an impact on jurors in the courtroom. These tools are rooted in the connectivity that has changed so many fields, and it can be used to save time and money for today’s busy attorneys who are working in today’s challenging environment.

Fresno court reporting firms like Keleher’s have worked to evolve and integrate new technology and services into their work. They are well positioned to offer lawyers innovative solutions to the challenges of today’s legal work, helping these legal professionals serve their clients better.

Ludwig Klein Announces New Services for Today’s Attorneys



Ludwig Klein has positioned itself as the source for new technology serving legal professionals in Southern California.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) SEPTEMBER 17, 2015— Los Angeles court reporters at Ludwig Klein Reporters and Video are pleased to announce the addition of new services to meet the needs of today’s busy attorneys in Southern California.

In the Los Angeles legal community, there is a growing awareness of the important role that technology can play in every facet of today’s casework. Los Angeles court reporting firms like Ludwig Klein, court reporting professionals are hard at work developing innovative solutions to the challenges facing lawyers in the law firm and in the courtroom.

Ludwig Klein provides court reporting and legal videography for depositions, court trials, arbitrations, seminars, hearings, and mock trials and juries.

The firm also offers many other services including realtime reporting, audio and video streaming, videoconferencing, and litigation support. These tools give lawyers ways to work more efficiently and effectively, better utilizing their time and talents to develop impactful arguments for their clients.

As the legal profession has evolved, it has been crucial for law firms to partner with court reporting professionals that can help them reach their goals. Ludwig Klein is ready to provide new ideas and an experienced team to help lawyers succeed.

Anderson Reporting Announces New Services for Today’s Legal Professionals




Anderson Reporting is a leader in providing video services for today’s legal professionals.

(COLUMBUS, OH) SEPTEMBER 15, 2015— Columbus court reporters at Anderson Reporting Services, Inc. are pleased to announce new services that will help today’s legal professionals meet the emerging challenges presented by diverse forms of media in the legal field.

Video can be an important element of cases. It can be used as a vehicle to make arguments through legal video, and it can also be a way to expand the attorney’s reach through videoconferencing. Anderson Reporting Services has positioned itself as a leader among Columbus court reporting firms because it can provide a wide range of video services including:

  • Legal Video
  • Internet Streaming
  • Videoconferencing
  • Custom Video

Each video is carefully produced by Anderson’s team of video specialists, who can work with legal professionals to make the most of this important media.

Anderson also provides many other services that are essential to today’s legal work, including realtime reporting and nationwide scheduling for lawyers who have casework anywhere in the country.

To learn more about Anderson Reporting and to find out how they can help your law firm reach its objectives, visit Anderson’s website at

HCMM Announces New Services to Help Businesses Succeed



HCMM is one of the most experienced business consulting firms.

(CINCINNATTI, OH) SEPTEMBER 15, 2015— HCMM Consulting is pleased to announce new services to meet the needs of today’s small and medium sized businesses.

HCMM Inc has worked to develop strategies to help businesses succeed. Since 2001, this firm of experienced business consultants have worked to help business owners meet the emerging challenges of a rapidly changing business world.

When owners are working to develop a plan that encourages growth, they often turn to this experienced team to work side by side with them as they put their plan in place. HCMM reviews every aspect of the business to uncover opportunities where new ideas and fresh approaches can give businesses a powerful boost.

These new services include:

  • Turbo-charge your sales engine
  • Maximize employee performance
  • Identify viable IT solutions
  • Tax solution strategies
  • Streamline management systems, controls and structure
  • Establish short and long-term business goals and objectives
  • Develop family transition and exit strategies
  • Manage cash flow challenges
  • Dramatically boost your bottom line

To learn more about how HCMM works to help businesses achieve their short- and long-term goals, contact them today.

G-Star School of the Arts Announces Student Appearing in Feature Film

Noah Forgione
Noah Forgione








Noah Forgione, a G-Star School of the Arts freshman, is appearing in the new film “Walt Before Disney.”

(Palm Beach County, FL) SEPTEMBER 9, 2015— The G-Star School of the Arts is pleased to announce that one of its students, Noah Forgione, is making his splash on film in the new film “Walt Before Mickey.”

Noah shares the role of Roy Disney with Jon Heder, who many movie fans will remember as the star of “Napoleon Dynamite.”

The film takes a look at Walt Disney’s early years in Kansas, where he began to develop his ideas about entertaining with animation. After serving in the Red Cross during World War I, Walt Disney came back to the United States to perfect the technology and hone the creativity that brought Mickey Mouse to life.

Since he was seven years old, Noah Forgione has been perfecting his own craft to land this role in a feature film. The ninth grader attends one of the country’s top schools for students interested in a career in the entertainment industry.

The G-Star School of the Arts reviews a number of areas of the industry, giving students the background they need to succeed in this highly competitive field.

For more information, visit the official website for the school at

HCMM Inc Announces New Consulting Services to Assist Small Businesses



Small businesses can benefit from comprehensive consulting services from HCMM Inc.

(CINCINNATTI, OH) SEPTEMBER 4, 2015— HCMM Inc is pleased to announce new consulting services to assist small business owners across the country.

Since 2001, HCMM Inc has brought experienced professionals to the challenges that small businesses face. From the growing pains that all businesses experience to the challenges of setting the stage for expansion through new markets, HCMM Inc services give entrepreneurs the tools they need to see success.

HCMM can help businesses find new ways to expand their markets, increase cash flow, and improve their bottom line. As the business grows, HCMM can help businesses find ways to improve their management structures and enhance the efficiency of the workforce.

These new services can address the financial and manpower needs of small businesses. HCMM has experience working with businesses to identify strategies to open new markets, which can lead to growth and new relationships with consumers.

For more information on how HCMM can help you grow your small business, visit their website at

G-Star School of the Arts Announces Halloween Film Contest






G-Star School is giving young filmmakers the chance to set their work in 19th century London.

(PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL) SEPTEMBER 4, 2015— The G-Star school of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts is pleased to announce an upcoming contest that will give young filmmakers a chance to develop their craft with the help of G-star students.

The G-Star Studios Cell Phone Film Festival brings these budding directors, writers and actors onto the nationally-recognized G-Star soundstage where they can being the process of building a story set in 19th century London, England during the time of Jack the Ripper.

On Sunday, October 18th, students will have a chance to visit the set and being thinking about their film. They will also be paired with student mentors from the G-Star school who can help students through the development of their story and also help with shooting and editing.

Over the next week, student will have a chance to write their story, and then the following weekend they will have a chance to shoot their film with their mobile device. G-Star student mentors will work with filmmakers to help them edit their work into a finished product.

Then, the filmmakers will have their chance to shine with a showing of their work in front of industry professionals at the Palm Beach International Film Festival Student Showcase.

For more information, visit the G-Star School’s website at