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G-Star School Announces Competition for Budding Filmmakers

g-star london set








Students will have a chance to shoot on a spectacular set emulating 19th century London.

(PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL) AUGUST 31, 2015— The G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts is excited to announce that it is opening its doors to sixth, seventh and eighth graders who aspire to become filmmakers.

The G-Star Studios Cell Phone Film Festival brings these budding directors, writers and actors onto the nationally-recognized G-Star soundstage where they can being the process of building a story set in 19th century London, England during the time of Jack the Ripper.

On Sunday, October 18th, students will have a chance to visit the set and being thinking about their film. They will also be paired with student mentors from the G-Star school who can help students through the development of their story and also help with shooting and editing.

Over the next week, student will have a chance to write their story, and then the following weekend they will have a chance to shoot their film with their mobile device. G-Star student mentors will work with filmmakers to help them edit their work into a finished product.

Then, the filmmakers will have their chance to shine with a showing of their work in front of industry professionals at the Palm Beach International Film Festival Student Showcase.

For more information, visit the G-Star School’s website at


HCMM Announces Consulting Services for Small Business Success



HCMM works to help business owners enjoy a new level of success.

(CINCINNATTI, OH) AUGUST 12, 2015— HCMM Inc, one of the country’s top business consulting firms, is pleased to announce a number of services geared to helping small and medium sized businesses find success in a changing economy.

When businesses begin to grow, ownership often find that there are issues that must be addressed for the venture to continue to mature. These may include questions about finances, marketing issues, and even internal dilemmas over how to structure the growing business.

HCMM Inc works to help business owners overcome these hurdles with experienced consulting services that provide solutions. HCMM works to help business owners uncover new avenues that can lead to growth or add efficiency to a growing company.

When business owners choose this firm, HCMM reviews every facet of the company’s operation. From uncovering new markets to help businesses grow to employing new management structures to help the company run more smoothly, HCMM works to help entrepreneurs find new success.

These services can also improve the quality of life for the business owner. HCMM works to help business owners free themselves from the challenges of a growing business so that they can focus their time and talents where it will benefit the business— and the owner— best.