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O’Brien and Levine Announce Videoconferencing Services For Attorneys




Videoconferencing is a powerful tool to connect lawyers and their cases, and it is offered by this leader among Boston court reporters.

(BOSTON, MA) JULY 7, 2015— Boston court reporters at O’Brien and Levine Court Reporting Services are pleased to announce videoconferencing services designed to help lawyers serve their clients better while also saving time and money.

Videoconferencing can be applied to legal work in many ways. Today’s lawyers are often faced with the challenges of cases that may require work in locations far from their practice and their clients. Videoconferencing can be the solution.

Today’s lawyers often work with co-counsel in other locations. This is especially true in large class action civil cases. Collaborative work is essential, and videoconferencing offers another way for lawyers to work together on their cases.

Depositions can often equate to travel for lawyers. Videoconferencing allows lawyers to work on their depositions remotely. This offers unique advantages over telephonic depositions since it allows the lawyer to see the deponent. This can be an important way for the attorney to evaluate their voracity during the deposition. This technology is augmented by realtime reporting to enhance the effectiveness of the attorney as they work remotely.

O’Brien and Levine Court Reporting Services is a leader among Boston court reporting agencies because the firm is constantly working to integrate new tools into their work. They can help attorneys through each phase of their cases to give the lawyer new opportunities to achieve success for their clients. For more information, visit O’Brien and Levine’s website at