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Planet Sustainability TV Show Announces A New Series on Solar Power


(LOS ANGELES, CA) DECEMBER 15, 2014- The producers of Planet Sustainability, a TV show centering on the environment and sustainable business practices, are pleased to announce the creation of a new series on solar power. Planet Sustainability is a television program that airs on cable networks across America and delivers educational programming in a documentary-style that illuminates a variety of entrepreneurs, businesses, and institutions across North America.

The TV show’s new series on solar power profiles manufacturers and others involved in the new proliferation of highly efficient panels. Solar power is quickly becoming more and more mainstream as an alternative to electricity and the burning of fossil fuels in places with strong and consistent sunlight like the Southwestern United States. Planet Sustainability’s producers have chosen this theme in order to highlight the technological and financial advancements that have taken place in the solar power industries with the past 5 years.

“Green energy is here to stay and our team is committed to profiling the many exciting companies involved in the process towards a carbon-free energy policty” states producer Glenn Francis.

For more information on Planet Sustainability visit the official website at or the official Facebook page.


Arista Pest Solutions Announces New Location



Arista Pest Solutions has moved to better serve home and business owners in Fort Lauderdale and across Broward County.

(FORT LAUDERDALE, FL) DECEMBER 11, 2014— Arista Pest Solutions, a company built with the best Hollywood, FL exterminators, is pleased to announce a move to a new location to better serve home and business owners across Broward County.

Pest control Fort Lauderdale is a necessity in a part of the country where bugs can be a year-round problem. Warm weather means there are few days cold enough to reduce pest populations, leading to a constant assault by these unwelcome invaders.

Arista Pest Solutions has worked to continue to offer the very latest in pest control techniques in order to offer the most effective defensive barriers for homes and businesses. Ants, roaches, termites, and other bugs can spread disease and damage property, so it is important to take a proactive approach to keeping them at bay.

From their new Fort Lauderdale location, Arista will continue to serve communities across Broward County like Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. They will continue to be the source for the pest control and exterminating services that give home and business owners the peace of mind they need.

Visit the new location and talk to the experts about your pest control needs. They are at:

Arista Pest Solutions

1451 W Cypress Creek Road, Suite 300
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309


Also, visit them online at