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Corpus Christi Weight Loss Clinic Announces New Program for Women

Corpus Christi Weight Loss Clinic Announces New Program for Women
Get weight loss results with Serotonin Plus.













A revilutionary program is helping people achieve weight loss success.

(CORPUS CHRISTI, TX) SEPTEMBER 23, 2014— Corpus Christi weight loss clinic Advanced Weight Loss is pleased to announce a new program to help women lose stubborn weight and look better than ever.

More men and women are working to lose weight, and for some women, losing weight can be frustrating. Their bodies require a specialized approach to weight loss, and Corpus Christi weight loss doctors at Advanced Weight Loss are helping women look their best regardless of their weight loss goals.

The Serotonin Plus weight loss program works to help women on many fronts. Natural serotonin is used to help women alleviate the cravings for carbohydrates that can be a big part of weight loss success. During the course of a 12-week program, women also make the behavioral and lifestyle changes that are crucial for patients to achieve sustainable weight loss results.

This program has proven effective for women with any weight loss goal. People who are interested in losing just a few pounds or people who are working to lose a significant amount of weight can benefit from this program.

For more information, visit the website for Advanced Weight Loss at to find out how this revolutionary weight loss plan can help every women get weight loss results.

In View with Larry King Debuts Report on South Carolina School District

At Broome High School in Spartanburg County in SC, students are benefiting from technology in the classroom.

(SPARTANBURG, SC) SEPTEMBER 22, 2014— The In View series is pleased to announce the debut of a new report on how new technology is revolutionizing education both inside and outside the classroom.

The In View series with Larry King producer team is introducing viewers to the educators and students in Spartanburg (SC) School District 3. At Broome High School, technology is allowing students to work collaboratively both in the classroom and at home. This helps students learn in new ways and at their own pace while also teaching them the communication skills they will need to compete globally in the years ahead.

This “T3” initiative, meaning technology, transforming, and teaching, is helping teachers individualize their lessons for students. It is helping students and educators escape the “one size fits all” educational model that hindered both in the past. This new initiative dovetails with the concepts of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking that have become the watchwords of modern education.

In View works to bring the very best in education ideas from around the country. In upcoming reports, audiences will learn more about how teachers are preparing students for the 21st century. For more information on the show, visit and check local listings for airtimes on cable networks like Fox Business and Discovery.

To learn more about how Spartanburg School District Three is playing an important part in a revolution in education, visit their website at