Producers for the In View Series Planning New Banking Reports for Later This Year

Producers for the In View Series Planning New Banking Reports for Later This Year
The In View series brings TV audiences across America upbeat and interesting stories about many subjects.













The TV program has looked at how credit unions and community banks serve the financial needs of consumers and businesses in rural and suburban areas.

BOCA RATON, FL (JANUARY 9, 2014) — Continuing a series that the show featured last year, producers for the enlightening cable television program In View hosted by Larry King announced that they intend to seek out additional stories about noteworthy credit unions and community banks across the United States, with tentative airings in the spring and summer months. The In View show reaches TV audiences across the country, informing viewers about a broad assortment of subjects. The TV program has showcased a number of financial institutions across the country, showing viewers how these banks provide valuable financial services to communities underserved by large commercial banks. Producers for the show like associate producer Derrick Milhous, associate producer Courtney Lovejoy, associate producer Karla Sullivan, associate producer David Kent and associate producer Rachel Van Drake will try to find additional examples of community banks and credit unions to spotlight on the program.

Producers for the In View series (855-446-8439) uncover positive and intriguing stories throughout American culture to present on the show. Members of the In View Larry King producer team like associate producer John Patrick, associate producer Diane Shandler, associate producer Brian Cahill and senior associate producer Joel Walters identify notable stories about academic institutions, medical facilities, small businesses and corporations across Canada and the U.S. to showcase on the In View series hosted by Larry King (561-279-3550).

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