Focus Healthcare Announces New Effort to Reach California Patients

Focus Healthcare of California


Focus Healthcare is finding new ways to reach out to people in suffering across California.

(SACRAMENTO, CA) JANUARY 23, 2014— Focus Healthcare of California, one of the best northern California treatment centers, is pleased to announce a new effort to expand the reach of the treatment center to meet the needs of people across California.

Focus Healthcare of California provides inpatient and outpatient treatment for people dealing with a variety of addictions and compulsions. Among the best California drug addiction treatment centers, Focus treats people dealing with addiction to illegal drugs like cocaine or crystal meth and people who are dealing with prescription drug addictions. Focus also treats people seeking help with alcoholism and also treats eating disorders and compulsions related to gambling and sex.

A new page on the website is giving people across the state the resources to choose the best treatment center for their needs. For many people who are facing more than one addiction or who are facing compulsions that are not drug or alcohol related, finding the right California treatment center can be difficult. Focus provides care for people who are facing any number of debilitating addictions and compulsions.

Visit to access the California communities page to learn more about how patients from across the state are finding the best care for addiction at Focus Healthcare of California.