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Mark Shalloway Announces “The Middle Class Guide to Medicaid Planning”

(West Palm Beach, Florida) August 23, 2018

Mark Shalloway of Shalloway & Shalloway P.A is pleased to announce the publication of “The Middle Class Guide to Medicaid Planning.” This publication covers the many questions that comes with caring for an aged loved one. The short, but detailed and easily digestible, PDF addresses when the need for aid arises, how much these programs cost, and what will or will not pay for these important resources.

In a recent interview, Shalloway reveals that the middle class do not make enough money to sustain paying for the expensive monthly costs of nursing homes while sustaining their own lives. That being said, the middle class make too much money to grant them any assistance for the government. This leads to middle class citizens running themselves poor in an attempt to pay for aid services, or simply not even getting the help they so desperately need.

The answer to their prayers is Medicaid. This guide is designed to provide assistance to the middle class, a division of the SES that Mark Shalloway feels is horribly underrepresented. With the guide, middle class citizens can easily discover what options of Medicaid planning work best for them. The guide illustrates what will and will not work along with Medicaid, and offers a great breadth of information for the reader to discover.

Along with the guide, middle class citizens should turn to a lawyer who specializes in Elder Law, such as Mark Shalloway. Mark Shalloway has worked in the realm of Elder Law for over 25 years, has served on a number of committees dedicated to elder law, and is a vocal advocate for the elder and special needs communities. His firm is dedicated to making the lives of his clients easier.

To contact Shalloway & Shalloway and for more information on the guide, call (561) 686-6200, or visit their website.

1400 Centrepark Blvd, Suite #700, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Mark Shalloway Instructs How to Streamline Your Estate

(West Palm Beach, Florida) July 2, 2018

Mark Shalloway is pleased to provide his past, present, and future clientele with helpful tips on how to streamline your estate. Shalloway, founder of Shalloway & Shalloway, holds monthly seminars to educate the public on various topics that encompass the many aspects of elder law. A recent blog posts takes one of those topics and condenses it into bite-sized bits of information that are easy to comprehend. The piece discusses the best way to look through one’s belongings and how to consolidate assets—important, but often neglected aspects of estate planning.

Mark Shalloway is an elder law attorney based out of West Palm Beach. He and his firm have been representing the ever-growing elder community since 1989. Recently, Shalloway has been recognized as one of the top estate planning lawyers in West Palm Beach, as well as making the 2018 Super Lawyers List.

So when former clientele refer to Mr. Shalloway and his firm as “life changing” with the ability to turn a situation from “desperate to hopeful,” it isn’t surprising. Mark Shalloway has built a team of hardworking attorneys whose primary goals are to make life better for their clients.

The staff at Shalloway & Shalloway are known to be helpful, accommodating, and respectful. This is precisely the type of service not only elders, but their families, so desperately need, especially during the trials this sort of transition presents.

To contact Shalloway & Shalloway or to learn more about the firm, call (561) 686-6200, or visit their website.

1400 Centrepark Blvd, Suite #700, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Palm Beach Web Design and Reputation Management Company Announces New Google-Approved Websites

Palm Beach SEO Company Creates Google Hummingbird Compliance Team
Mediasophia, a web design and search engine optimization company, announces the creation of a new Google Hummingbird compliance team.

“Our handle on Hummingbird programming is putting our clients in dominate search engine positions in competitive cities.” -George Magalios

WEST PALM BEACH, FL,(MARCH,7 2014) Web design and online reputation management are the primary components of advertising in today’s e-commerce system. People find products and services through web searching and surfing the Internet. With the introduction of smart phones and voice control searching, Google has implemented the Google Hummingbird program to better meet the behavior patterns of contemporary society. Instead of short keyword searches like, “web design“, people are talking into their devices using a more conversational keyword approach.

Mediasophia has adapted its web design format to be congruent with this Google algorithm shift. As a result its clients are quickly achieving first page rankings for conversation keyword searches. Whether its clients are in the health and wellness industry or the air conditioning and refrigeration business, a sophisticated website that is optimized for top rankings will determine a company’s level of success.

Mediasophia is a full service Internet marketing firm that offers online reputation management, organic search engine optimization and state of the art web design for businesses in competitive markets. Its clients are earning first place rankings with Hummingbird programming and dominating search engine results in competitive markets.

SEO Company in Palm Beach Announces New Google Local Business Listings Optimization

SEO Company in Palm Beach Announces New Google Local Business Listings Optimization
Mediasophia offers Hummingbird compatible `search engine optimization for Google Local Business Listings

“When a client’s Google business listing appears first for important searches, it puts them ahead of competitors.” -George Magalios, Mediasophia President

WEST PALM BEACH, FL,(MARCH,6 2014) — Internet marketing has become an important component of running a successful business in today’s modern business world. A state-of-the-art website that is optimized for first-page rankings for important keyword searches will put a company in position to reach large audiences and increase sales. Mediasophia understands the value in obtaining high visibility and announces including the optimization of Google local business listings in addition to clients’ websites.

Having a website and a local business listing appear first for multiple keywords will grab the attention of online viewers and increase the viewing audience. Organically maintaining top search engine results with SEO in Palm Beach puts companies in position to move ahead of competing business without paying for expensive ads that expire and leave companies nowhere online.

Mediasophia is a full-service internet marketing firm that offers web design in Palm Beach, state-of-the-art web design and online reputation management for businesses in competitive markets. Its clients are represented as leading professionals in diverse markets and are dominating search engine results for multiple keyword searches.

Mediasophia – West Palm Beach Marketing Firm Announces New “Yelp!” Promotion


ediasophia - West Palm Beach Marketing Firm Announces New "Yelp!" Promotion
Mediasophia’s Palm Beach Team is offering a new online reputation management promotion that includes posting positive reviews on “Yelp!” to enhance its clients’ profile.

“Reviews on sites like “Yelp!” provide prospective customers with valuable information about the company they are considering doing business with.” – George Magalios

WEST PALM BEACH, FL,(MARCH,6 2014)Online reputation management and search engine optimization are essential components of marketing in today’s e-commerce system. When a company is represented on the Internet with a state of the art web design Palm Beach site that is optimized for top search engine results on Google, it reaches the largest audience, attracts their interest and solicits business. A powerful and effective marketing campaign will include the posting of customer reviews on websites frequently visited by the online viewers. Positive experiences that are shared by customers on sites like “Yelp!” provide potential clients with insight into a company and what level of customer service can be expected.

Mediasophia’s Palm Beach team is implementing a marketing promotion that includes posting customer positive reviews on “Yelp!” Because of the popularity of this website, having reviews visible about business, empowers clients to reach hundreds of prospective clients on the web.

Mediasophia, is a full service marketing firm that provides online reputation management, search engine optimization and web design in New York, Palm Beach and international cities. As part of its Internet marketing service, it includes posting positive customer reviews on “Yelp!” to earn the respect of viewers and increase sales. Internet marketing and seo companies are responsible for maintaining a positive online presence and top visibility on the web. Mediasophia clients are represented as leading businesses with websites and customer reviews visible on the first page of Google for competitive keyword searches.