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Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief Launches Pinterest Page

(Fort Lauderdale) November 1, 2017

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief is pleased to announce the launch of her Pinterest page. The popular social media platform is yet another mode of communication for the technologically-savvy Sharief. The official Barbara Sharief Pinterest page includes a variety of boards (groupings of photos and graphics) related to Broward County.

They include Broward Arhcitectural Gems, area restaurants and other topics related to the area and the Mayor’s constituency. Perhaps the most intriguing board on the Pinterest page is “Broward Means Business” a series of photos related to local businesses involved in the recent initiative spurred on by Broward County that highlighted entrepreneurs and local stores. Ms. Sharief is not only active on Pinterest but is also present on a regular basis on Twitter and Facebook. By posting photos of herself attending various charity functions, restaurants and boutiques, she is highlighting and cross-promoting local establishments in a powerful and sophisticated way that brings new attention to area companies.

There is a strong philanthropic quality to Ms. Sharief’s social media presence as well. Her photos and links go beyond the common attention-seeking modalities of most political figures as she integrates her activities in a way that helps shine a light on the events, businesses and personalities of Broward County.

Fort Lauderdale, the largest city in Broward County, is one of the more culturally diverse and vibrant communities in the country. Situated between Miami and West Palm Beach, it is a city full of exciting developments both from a business and artistic perspective. Ms. Sharief’s boards dedicated to the city’s history and restaurants brings these qualities to the forefront of her Pinterest presence as well.

For more information on Barbara Sharief visit her official website at barbarasharief.com and her official Facebook page.

Toronto Artist Paul Sop Announces New Pages on his Tumblr Account

Artist Raising Awareness About His Music and Photography

Toronto Artist Paul Sop Announces New Pages on his Tumblr Account
Paul Sop creates ambient music, industrial music and other styles of music.





Seeking to make his Tumblr page more interactive and informative, the artist, photographer and musician has added a number of pages to paulsop.tumblr.com. 

(TORONTO, ON) NOVEMBER 20, 2014 – Paul Sop, a Toronto based artist, announces the publication of new pages on his Tumblr site. The artist has added a links page, music page, about page and photography page to his Tumblr webpage. Tumblr, a highly popular micro-blogging site used by hundreds of millions of people, has become a popular forum for people to interact with communities of people with similar interests, as well a platform for sharing their interests with the world.

Artist’s songs and Photos Posted on Many Sites

Visit the artist’s Tumblr page, http://paulsop.tumblr.com, to look over the new content on the site. Paul Sop, a businessman and technologist as well as a photographer and musician, uses his Tumblr page for promotional posts as well as an avenue to release Paul Sop news. Stay current with Paul Sop Toronto music by following the artist on Tumblr and social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.

Readers can access Paul Sop photography on blogs dedicated to his photography as well as sites like Flickr, Etsy and Photo-Bucket.