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Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief Launches Pinterest Page

(Fort Lauderdale) November 1, 2017

Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief is pleased to announce the launch of her Pinterest page. The popular social media platform is yet another mode of communication for the technologically-savvy Sharief. The official Barbara Sharief Pinterest page includes a variety of boards (groupings of photos and graphics) related to Broward County.

They include Broward Arhcitectural Gems, area restaurants and other topics related to the area and the Mayor’s constituency. Perhaps the most intriguing board on the Pinterest page is “Broward Means Business” a series of photos related to local businesses involved in the recent initiative spurred on by Broward County that highlighted entrepreneurs and local stores. Ms. Sharief is not only active on Pinterest but is also present on a regular basis on Twitter and Facebook. By posting photos of herself attending various charity functions, restaurants and boutiques, she is highlighting and cross-promoting local establishments in a powerful and sophisticated way that brings new attention to area companies.

There is a strong philanthropic quality to Ms. Sharief’s social media presence as well. Her photos and links go beyond the common attention-seeking modalities of most political figures as she integrates her activities in a way that helps shine a light on the events, businesses and personalities of Broward County.

Fort Lauderdale, the largest city in Broward County, is one of the more culturally diverse and vibrant communities in the country. Situated between Miami and West Palm Beach, it is a city full of exciting developments both from a business and artistic perspective. Ms. Sharief’s boards dedicated to the city’s history and restaurants brings these qualities to the forefront of her Pinterest presence as well.

For more information on Barbara Sharief visit her official website at and her official Facebook page.

Health and Fitness Social Media Site Announces Enhanced Media Presence to Reach More People

Health and Fitness Social Media Site Announces Enhanced Media Presence to Reach More People


More ways to connect are giving fitness-minded people what they need when they hit the gym.

(BOCA RATON, FL) NOVEMBER 21, 2014— Body Fitness Hub, one of the top health and fitness social media sites, is pleased to announce that the website is expanding its online presence to bring more people the tips, motivation, relationships that are a part of the fitness culture.

This new and expanded web presence includes frequently updated social media platforms on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter as well as several blogs to keep people up-to-date with what is going on in the world of fitness. Each new outlet is a destination where people can see the latest in training tips, new insight into nutrition, and find motivation as they reach for their fitness goals.

Diet, exercise, and a commitment to a regular training regimen are all crucial components of fitness success. Each plays a role as people work to achieve whatever fitness goal they have chosen: a better figure, more power, more speed, more endurance, or more muscle. Another important ingredient is the motivation from people who are also taking their fitness journey. They can help people tackle that extra set or run that extra mile to get the very best out of their bodies.

Social media for bodybuilders can be an important online addition for anyone who is pursuing the fitness lifestyle. For more information on the Body fitness Hub, visit the website

Web Design Firm in Palm Beach County Florida Announces New Social Media Packages for Small Businesses

Web Design Firm in Palm Beach County Florida Announces New Social Media Packages for Small Businesses
Mediasophia offers new social media packages for its small business clients.

‘”The social media component of Internet marketing and its viral communication is the contemporary word of mouth.” – George Magalios, Mediasophia President

WEST PALM BEACH, FL,(MARCH,6 2014) The social media component of marketing is a valuable tool in developing the reputation of a business and expanding its customer base. Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Meetups events and Buzznet announcements are forums that reach millions of consumers everyday with the click of a mouse. This level of connectivity is an opportunity that successful marketing firms make use of when promoting small and large businesses.

When the web design for a small business includes social media marketing icons that link to different sites it creates a viral hum across the web. The companies represented on multiple social media forums have an expanded online profile and reach a larger network within a direct market. Announcing a sales promotion on twitter can reach millions of viewer in one instant. Likewise, a positive review on Facebook can enhance the reputation of a company, influence thousands of viewers and dramatically increase sales.

Mediasophia is a full-service Internet marketing firm that incorporates social media with online reputation management, organic custom search engine optimization and sophisticated web design for businesses in competitive markets. Its clients are represented as leading professionals in diverse markets and are dominating search engine results for multiple keyword searches.

Web Design Firm in West Palm Beach Announces New Social Media Optimization Package

“At Mediasophia we optimize social media websites in addition to our clients primary website to enhance their online presence.” -George Magalios

Web Design Firm in West Palm Beach Announces New Social Media Optimization Package
Web design firm, MediaSophia, ofers a new social media optimization package geared to reaching thousand instantly.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL ( MARCH 6, 2014) — Web design companies in West Palm Beach are bringing businesses great success. Mediasophia is enhancing the profile of its clients by optimizing social media websites in addition to a client’s primary corporate site. The new social media package is available to companies with existing social media accounts and Mediasophia will create accounts for businesses that have not yet designed pages.

Social media marketing provides companies with a place to promote specials and inform customers about services and products on a forum contemporary society has embraced. Tweets and Facebook posts have quickly become a preferred method of communicating and effective marketing is making use of this welcomed phenomena. The businesses that create a social media presence are expanding networks and connecting with hundreds of thousands of people who are communicating on these social forums.

Mediasophia, is a full service marketing firm that provides online reputation management, search engine optimization and web design in Palm Beach, Paris and international progressive cities. As part of its internet marketing services, it includes marketing social media websites to enhance the branding of its clients and support connecting with a vast number of users communicating on the internet.