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The Sophia News Announces New Interviews Series

The Sophia News is pleased to announce a new interview series alongside its regular publications. The series profiles artists, doctors, celebrities, and a number of other professionals from a number of walks of life. These interviews are built to give readers insight into aspects of fields that they otherwise may not have the opportunity to look into.

The journal’s most recent interview with Bonnie Clearwater, Chief Curator and Director of the Nova Southeastern University Art Museum in Fort Lauderdale, discusses art and its relation to the Palm Beach coast, the art community, her inspirations for exhibits, and what drives her as the museum’s director. The interview is a thoughtful and engaging piece that sets an impressive stage for what is to come in this new series.

The Sophia News is an ad-free journal that covers news, philanthropy, art, technology, and so much more. The header on the home page that reads “Philanthropy | Creativity | Wisdom,” a broad yet inclusive tell as to what this publication is all about. The journal strives to publish reflective and inspiring pieces that other web journals just don’t do.

In recent weeks, the magazine has discussed a pastry chef who made history, a dance company helping charity with their art, philanthropists who are making a difference in their community. These pieces show readers that in times like these, there are still good things in the world that should be celebrated.

For more information on The Sophia News and updates on their newest content, follow their Twitter and Facebook pages.

New York Marketing Firm Announces Online Reputation Management to Increase Popularity


“Actors, musicians and entertainers that invest in reputation management reach large audiences and organically increase a loyal fan base.” –George Magalios

HOLLYWOOD, CA (March 11, 2014)– Sophiastar is pleased to announce online reputation management for actor and musicians looking to increase popularity and launch careers. Online reputation management for actors includes the creation of an Internet identity and the marketing and development of that image across the web. The actors and musicians investing in online reputation management benefit from enhanced public relations, exposure to large audiences and a following of fans.

Promoting ones career increases the chance of obtaining work and achieving success. Even the most talented performers will go unrecognized if the music they create is not heard. A web presence will determine how an actor or musician is perceived by the public, casting agents, and industry professionals.

Taking charge of success by highlighting performances and engaging fans in social media communications will create a buzz, increase  popularity and support success.

Sophiastar is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in online reputation management and Internet PR for actors and musicians. Its clients are represented on the Internet with powerful profiles that reflect a desired image to organically increase popularity and achieve celebrity sta

Palm Beach Web Design and Reputation Management Company Announces New Google-Approved Websites

Palm Beach SEO Company Creates Google Hummingbird Compliance Team
Mediasophia, a web design and search engine optimization company, announces the creation of a new Google Hummingbird compliance team.

“Our handle on Hummingbird programming is putting our clients in dominate search engine positions in competitive cities.” -George Magalios

WEST PALM BEACH, FL,(MARCH,7 2014) Web design and online reputation management are the primary components of advertising in today’s e-commerce system. People find products and services through web searching and surfing the Internet. With the introduction of smart phones and voice control searching, Google has implemented the Google Hummingbird program to better meet the behavior patterns of contemporary society. Instead of short keyword searches like, “web design“, people are talking into their devices using a more conversational keyword approach.

Mediasophia has adapted its web design format to be congruent with this Google algorithm shift. As a result its clients are quickly achieving first page rankings for conversation keyword searches. Whether its clients are in the health and wellness industry or the air conditioning and refrigeration business, a sophisticated website that is optimized for top rankings will determine a company’s level of success.

Mediasophia is a full service Internet marketing firm that offers online reputation management, organic search engine optimization and state of the art web design for businesses in competitive markets. Its clients are earning first place rankings with Hummingbird programming and dominating search engine results in competitive markets.

Palm Beach SEO Company Creates Google Hummingbird Compliance Team

Palm Beach SEO Company Creates Google Hummingbird Compliance Team
Mediasophia, is pleased to announce the creation of a new team to meet requirements of Google’s new search standards.

“The new team will support writing staff and web designers with the Hummingbird algorithm shift to ensure clients optimal SEO results” – George Magalios, President of Mediasophia

WEST PALM BEACH, FL,(MARCH,6 2014) — Mediasophia is leading the way in obtaining top search engine results under the new Google Hummingbird program. The algorithm shifts are not only accommodating smart phone voice control conversational searches, but it has empowered Mediasophia with the ability to quickly obtain top rankings, positioning its clients ahead of companies formerly dominating short keyword searches.

The new Hummingbird compliance team is essentially sharing with writers and web designers the algorithm patterns to expedite time needed to revise formatting and update client meta tags. Placing clients ahead of competitors is extremely beneficial. Taking over top search engine rankings with effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies is going to dramatically increase client revenues.

Mediasophia is a full-service Internet marketing firm that offers online reputation management, organic search engine optimization and state-of-the-art web design in Palm Beach and progressive international cities. Its clients are earning first place rankings with Hummingbird programming and dominating search engine results in competitive markets.

Online Reputation Management Company in Palm Beach Announces New Reviews Team

Online Reputation Management Company in Palm Beach Announces New Reviews Team
Mediasophia’s reviews team will monitor online reviews about clients and post positive reviews from customers.

“Nothing has more value to a prospective client than another person’s experience with that business.” – George Magalios, President of Mediasophia

WEST PALM BEACH, FL,(MARCH,6 2014) — Public opinion is a valuable marketing tool and when clients and customers post positive reviews of their experiences on sites like Yelp it gives potential clients a good impression and confidence in that business. For this reason, Mediasophia has created a team that solicits customer reviews to enhance the reputation of its clients. The online reputation of a business is everything that appears on the Internet about that company. When a company profile is enhanced with positive customer reviews it earns the trust of prospective clients, who as a result are more apt to seek services from that business.

The online reputation management companies that include posting customer reviews on the Internet put clients at a big advantage over the competition. When the performance of work or the quality of a product is backed up with a positive customer review it will earn the trust of online viewers and increase sales.

Mediasophia is a full-service internet marketing firm that provides elite internet marketing including web design in Palm Beach, organic SEO and online reputation management. It represents clients as the leading businesses in diverse markets with state-of-the-art web design and top visibility on the Internet. Its online reputation management includes posting reviews on sites like Yelp to ensure client profiles are positive and reflective of success.

Web Design Firm in West Palm Beach Announces New Social Media Optimization Package

“At Mediasophia we optimize social media websites in addition to our clients primary website to enhance their online presence.” -George Magalios

Web Design Firm in West Palm Beach Announces New Social Media Optimization Package
Web design firm, MediaSophia, ofers a new social media optimization package geared to reaching thousand instantly.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL ( MARCH 6, 2014) — Web design companies in West Palm Beach are bringing businesses great success. Mediasophia is enhancing the profile of its clients by optimizing social media websites in addition to a client’s primary corporate site. The new social media package is available to companies with existing social media accounts and Mediasophia will create accounts for businesses that have not yet designed pages.

Social media marketing provides companies with a place to promote specials and inform customers about services and products on a forum contemporary society has embraced. Tweets and Facebook posts have quickly become a preferred method of communicating and effective marketing is making use of this welcomed phenomena. The businesses that create a social media presence are expanding networks and connecting with hundreds of thousands of people who are communicating on these social forums.

Mediasophia, is a full service marketing firm that provides online reputation management, search engine optimization and web design in Palm Beach, Paris and international progressive cities. As part of its internet marketing services, it includes marketing social media websites to enhance the branding of its clients and support connecting with a vast number of users communicating on the internet.

Sophiastar Announces Strategic Communications for Musicians to Effectively Reach Record Label Executives and Bring Management to Performances

“Effective communication strategies put clients in position to advance careers by opening the doors toward meeting with stakeholders and key decision makers.” -George Magalios

PALM BEACH, FL (FEBRUARY 27, 2014) — South Florida’s celebrity marketing firm, Sophiastar, is pleased to announce strategic communications for musicians looking to sign contracts. The key to successfully making connections that produce results is strategic communications. In the music business, it is essential to make a convincing case that goes through the proper channels to reach Geffen, Atlantic and other record labels. Effective communications in combination with internet PR brings musicians opportunities that produce results.

Identifying the audience, anticipating roadblocks from gatekeepers and successfully reaching the intended person takes experience in internet PR campaigns. Often individuals unfamiliar with the culture of the music industry aim toward reaching key stakeholders only to be left imagining years of hard work buried or lost under a stack of the never read file. Reaching key decision makers without proper channeling mostly leads to a dead end. Sophiastar communications strategies effectively select audiences in order to create a path to stakeholders that would otherwise dismiss communication attempts.

Sophiastar is a full service celebrity-marketing firm that specializes in strategic communication and internet public relations for musicians. Its clients are enjoying increased popularity and reaching key decision makers in the music industry to advance careers and achieve celebrity success.