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In View with Larry King Announces New Series of Reports on Healthcare Advances in America






In View with Larry King is highlighting the advances that are improving healthcare for all Americans.

(NEW YORK, NY) JUNE 26, 2015— In View with Larry King, an informational television program airing across the country on cable television, is pleased to announce a new series of reports highlighting the strides that have been made in the healthcare industry by individual providers around the country.

The healthcare field is rapidly changing. The Affordable Care Act has enabled more patients to take advantage of care, and that has created new pressures on hospital systems. Administrators are often tasked with finding ways to treat more patients and stave off many new threats including more hospital-acquired illnesses.

The In View Series

In these new reports, audiences will see how administrators and physicians are meeting these new challenges with new ideas and fresh approaches to healthcare delivery. The program is also taking a look at how some institutions are finding more efficient ways to serve a growing aging population. As life expectancy increases, it is creating new challenges for residential care facilities who are helping to give these aging Americans the quality of life they deserve.

On In View, executive producer Walter Waiters, senior associate producer Joel Walters and associate producers Erica Doyle, Rachel Van Drake, Scott Kuntz, Mike Wohl, Ryan Chadderton, and Adam Burr bring audneces the stories that people are talking about. The show covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Healthcare
  • Science
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Business

The program is constantly seeking out the people and organizations that are making a difference in a wide range of fields, and is committed to showing how their advances are having an impact on our everyday lives.

In View Larry King

in-view-larry-king-logoThe In View series airs around the country on great cable networks like Fox Business. Check local listings for airtimes in individual markets.

For more information, visit the official website here.

In View with Larry King Debuts Report on South Carolina School District

At Broome High School in Spartanburg County in SC, students are benefiting from technology in the classroom.

(SPARTANBURG, SC) SEPTEMBER 22, 2014— The In View series is pleased to announce the debut of a new report on how new technology is revolutionizing education both inside and outside the classroom.

The In View series with Larry King producer team is introducing viewers to the educators and students in Spartanburg (SC) School District 3. At Broome High School, technology is allowing students to work collaboratively both in the classroom and at home. This helps students learn in new ways and at their own pace while also teaching them the communication skills they will need to compete globally in the years ahead.

This “T3” initiative, meaning technology, transforming, and teaching, is helping teachers individualize their lessons for students. It is helping students and educators escape the “one size fits all” educational model that hindered both in the past. This new initiative dovetails with the concepts of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking that have become the watchwords of modern education.

In View works to bring the very best in education ideas from around the country. In upcoming reports, audiences will learn more about how teachers are preparing students for the 21st century. For more information on the show, visit and check local listings for airtimes on cable networks like Fox Business and Discovery.

To learn more about how Spartanburg School District Three is playing an important part in a revolution in education, visit their website at