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Eagle Arts Academy Announces New Arts & Technology Curriculum

(Wellington, Florida) August 10, 2017

Eagle Arts Academy, a charter school for Kindergarten through eight grade, is pleased to announce the release of its new arts and technology curriculum. The tuition-free charter school in Wellington, Florida is among the few Florida educational institutions to integrate a true artistic learning format that includes over 40 minutes of arts instruction every day. Students take classes in drama, acting, art, music, voice, and animation as well as coding and design.

School Founder Gregory Blount talks of the need to integrate knowledge from a diverse set of backgrounds for today’s students: “At Eagle Arts we have always believed in the importance of creativity. We are inspired by the truly great achievements of visionary Walt Disney who famously claimed “If you can dream it you can do it.” We developed our curriculum with this concept in mind to bring the latest in technology and creative learning to our students.”

The school has created a project-learning concept by teaching an overall 15-minute group session before creating smaller groups for students to be rotated through learning centers that foster multidisciplinary and holistic learning.

For more information on the Eagle Arts Academy curriculum visit the school’s official website at

Marco Rubio Attends Film at G-Star During Palm Beach International Film Festival

rubio-gstar(PALM SPRINGS, FL) APRIL 15 2016– What does a former Presidential Candidate do to relax after jettisoning from the lion’s den?

If you’re Marco Rubio, you go to see an independent film “Lionheart” at G-Star School of the Arts here, one of the many Palm Beach International Film Festival’s films being shown around Palm Beach County.

Yes, running for President of the United States against lions like Donald Trump can be one of the most demanding and exhausting endeavors a person can ever aspire to do.  There is little time for family, friends and relaxation.  But on Sunday Marco Rubio found that time.

Surrounded by family and close friends, Senator Rubio looked relaxed while enjoying the film titled “Lionheart” written and directed by his nephew, Orlando Cicilia, III.

The cast and crew of the film were on hand to view the powerfully filmed drama of a young impoverished boxer on the threshold of the biggest fight of his career – a chance to have it all or nothing. Sounds like fighting to become President.

Former State Representative Ralph Arza, who is the head of the Florida Charter School Alliance, was also in attendance.  Both the Senator and the film received an enthusiastic reception from the audience.

Senator Rubio remained after the film for quite some time talking with everyone.  He posed for pictures with G-Star School of the Arts alumni and with the school’s founder, Greg Hauptner.

“He is a very nice person, completely approachable,” says Hauptner.  “He took his time to speak with everyone.  He is a brilliant man who is also kind and caring.”

Hauptner’s son, Gregory, said, “I couldn’t believe he was here.  I was so nervous, but he was so nice.  I really enjoyed talking with him.”

The Palm Beach International Film Festival continues on this week at the G-Star Studios Sound Stage Theater as well as at three other venues around Palm Beach County.

“That’s part of the excitement of the PBI Film Festival.  You never know who you’ll meet at any film showing here at any time . . . maybe even a future President of the United States!” said Hauptner.

G-Star Produces Winners for National Scholastic Arts Competition

gstar(PALM SPRINGS, FL) MARCH 4, 2016 — Five G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts students have won first place Gold Key and second place Silver Key awards for their artistic submissions at the National Scholastic Arts Competition.

Over 15,000 students entered their art work in film, animation and photography. G-Star School of the Arts is proud to announce G-Star student Eli Dreyfuss walked away with an unprecedented 14 awards including 7 Gold Key Awards, 3 Silver Awards, and 4 Honorable Mention Awards for his Still Photography.

Among the honors he received were:

Gold Key: Stuck in Time

Gold Key: Stand Strong

Gold Key: State of Depression

Gold Key: Laughing Hands

Gold Key: Soul Perspective

Gold Key: Final Glance

Gold Key: Royalty

Silver Key: Art Portfolio Social Darkness

Silver Key: Demeaning Darkness

Silver Key: Tolerance

Honorable Mention: Artistic Vision

Honorable Mention: Self Reflection

Honorable Mention: Insight

Honorable Mention: Mysterious Faces

Matt Wilson, Noah Engle and Billy Rubeck won the Gold Key Award for their animated professional commercial for a national product titled 911 BOOST. Christian Aguiar won the Silver Key Award in the Film & Animation category for his film “America.”

“Even more astounding, this is the third international competition Eli Dreyfuss has won with his photography with over 12,000 students in one competition from around the world and 15,000 in another,” says Greg Hauptner, the school’s Founder and CEO. “That means Eli has finished first three times in direct competition with a combined number of 42,000 students!”

If you are interested in learning more about G-Star, the school will be hosting an open house next month on March 5th and 6th from 1-2:30 p.m.


Three G-Star School of the Arts Students Cast in New Television Show







Three G-Star students have been cast in the new series In Sanity, Florida

(PALM SPRINGS, FL) February 24, 2016– Three G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts students have earned principal roles in the new web-based TV Show In Sanity, Florida.  The show is created by Marc Zatorsky and Shawn Morell. of See-Worthy Productions, LLC.

In Sanity, Florida where ‘the town is small, but the crazy isn’t.’  The crazy antics of a small coastal town will be told through the life journey of Emma Scott Fitzgerald, a young woman whose love for her quirky town and hypochondriac grandmother holds her back from discovering the person she wants to be.” explains co-creator Morell.

Zatorsky and Morell are just coming off another of their hit projects titled Tweet about teens and paranormal activity.  After two seasons Tweet is being offered to major cable channels and has garnered “Best Actress on a Web Series” nomination for its star, Taylor Blackwell.  Ms. Blackwell continues her collaboration with Zatorski and Morell as the star of Sanity.  G-Star Studios announced last month that See-Worthy Films has taken up permanent residence on the Studios’ back lot.  In Sanity, Florida is a SAG-AFTRA New Media production.

Sydney Presendieu, Madison Lillard, and Walker Clermont are all students of the G-Star School of the Arts, which recently received an A rating from the Florida Department of Education. The school also is getting set for an open house in March to introduce new students to the unique curriculum that makes G-Star so special.


G-Star School of the Arts Announces A Rating







Ratings reflect academic performance and graduation rates.

(PALM SPRINGS, FL) FEBRUARY 16. 2016— The G-Star School of the Arts is pleased to announce that the school has received an A rating from the Florida Department of Education.

To calculate the rankings, schools are measured for performance in English language arts, math, science, and social studies. There are also metrics for graduation rates and acceleration success, which measures how students perform in advanced placement and other classes.

Out of more than 200 schools in Palm Beach County that were graded, G-Star was one of about 80 that achieved an A rating.

Over more than a decade since it was established, G-Star has established itself as a leader among Palm Beach County charter schools. The school routinely outperforms more traditional high schools in metrics for reading, mathematics, and science. About half of all students have a 3.5 G.P.A. or better, and one in five has a 4.0 G.P.A. About 97 percent of students graduate and they have parlayed their academic success at G Star into scholarships at some of the country’s leading performing arts programs at schools like UCLA, NYU, Boston University, Syracuse University, Florida State University, and USC.

IF you are interested in learning more about G-Star, the school will be hosting an open house next month on March 5th and 6th from 1-2:30 p.m.

G-Star Studios Welcomes See-Worthy Films to Back Lot


The partnership will bring more professional quality filmmaking to G-Star.

PALM SPRINGS, FL (JAN 13, 2016)– G-Star Studios, South Florida’s largest motion picture studios, welcomes See~Worthy Films, LLC as a permanent resident film production company on its back lot in Production Offices C&D. See-Worthy Films is the creation of Marc and Shawn Morell. They have just completed Season 2 of their hit web series TWEET, the story of an ordinary teen girl whose life gets interrupted by a broken iPhone that sends psychic tweets about her life that come true, starring Taylor Blackwell (Dolphin Tale 2 with Morgan Freeman & Ashley Judd, Golden Globe nominated: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Magic City TV series), Bruce Linser (Drop Dead Gorgeous with Kirsten Dunst & Denise Richards), and with Cayla Brady (Nice Guys with Russell Crowe & Ryan Gosling, Dolphin Tale 2).  TWEET is a SAG-AFTRA production.

“It is our GOAL,” states Marc, “to bring together ‘local’ Hollywood talent with the students of G-Star School of the Arts to collaborate on an episodic TV quality story from script, to development, to production, to pitch, to distribution.” He continues, “We are currently in development of a new original series, In Sanity, Florida (The town is small, but the crazy isn’t). It’s about the crazy antics of a small coastal village as seen through the eyes of a young woman whose love for her quirky town and her hypochondriac grandmother holds her back from discovering who she really is. We will be using such ‘local’ Hollywood talent as: Jo Anne Pflug (M.A.S.H. & multiple national TV series & shows), Taylor Blackwell (Dolphin Tale 2, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and Mike Benitez (Serendipity with John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale, Ant-Man with Michael Douglas & Paul Rudd), just to name a few.”  In Sanity, Florida is also a SAG-AFTRA production.

G-Star Studios is owned and operated by the G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts. G-Star was named “The Number One High School for Film in the World” in London, by the Raindance Film Festival, Europe’s largest independent film festival. G-Star Studios and School of the Arts is a partner with the Palm Beach International Film Festival.


Cell Phone Film Festival at G-Star Hits New Heights


PALM SPRINGS, FL (12/4/2015) – The First Annual Cell Phone Film Festival for Middle School Students has been a smashing success! Students learned to write a script, shoot their film, and then edit with special effects. The competition targeted Palm Beach County middle school students who have an interest in film, both in front of and behind the camera. Students could not contain their excitement and parents were raving about the incredible time had by all saying, “The kids had an amazing experience, we can’t wait to see their work!” The event was free to attend and required no prior experience in the field.

Their final films have been sent to the judges who include Bobby Moresco, Academy Award winning co-writer and producer of CRASH and Million Dollar Baby; Jeff Davis, Producer of Rock of Ages starring Tom Cruise and Legally Blond on Broadway; Crescenzo Notarile, Emmy Award winning cinematographer of CSI: Crime Scene Investigations and Gotham; and writer/producer Arthur Bernstein whose film Walt Before Mickey is in theaters now.

g-star-film-festival-winnersThe event took place at the G-Star Studios located in Palm Springs, FL, which is owned and operated by the G-Star School of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts. Due to the overwhelming response and turnout in the opening weekend, the production phase of the shoot had to be extended a second week. “Since it is a first time event we hoped to have 25 students participate and five films shot,” stated Dawn Hauptner, the Cell Phone Film Festival’s Founder. “Instead, 142 students packed the G-Star campus from all over Palm Beach County and shot 32 films! They were eager at the opportunity to shoot a short film on the backlot of a real motion picture studio on horror film sets in one of the best sound stages in the world.”

The Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor and ten other categories will be given out at the Palm Beach Comic Con taking place at the G-Star School of the Arts in Sound Stage One on Saturday, December 12th at 7 PM. In March, the Best Picture will be honored at the Palm Beach International Film Festival Student Showcase of Films at Lynn University in Boca Raton.


G-Star School of the Arts Announces Open House






G-Star is flinging open its doors to give visitors a behind-the-scenes look at this nationally-recognized charter school.

(WEST PALM BEACH, FL) NOVEMBER 3, 2015— The G-Star School of the Arts is pleased to announce an upcoming open house that will give students and parents the chance to learn more about the school.

On Sunday, November 5, 2015 and 1:00 and 3:00 p.m., students will have the chance to take a tour of the school with founder and CEO Greg Hauptner. On the tour, visitors will learn more about the school and see all of the ways G-Star is different from other charter schools in Palm Beach County.

At the G-Star School, students receive the hands-on, real world instruction that will help them as they chase their dreams. In film, animation, and performing arts, students can work with highly qualified teachers as well as industry insiders who can offer their unique insights.

And while students get the specialized instruction they need to succeed, they also are performing in the classroom. Almost half of all students carry better than a 3.5 GPA, and about one in five students has a 4.0. The school is also a leading performer when it comes to metrics in math, reading, writing, and science, making it a leader among the Palm Beach County Charter Schools.

Visit the school’s website at to learn more about the tour and to sign up.

G-Star School of the Arts Announces Student Appearing in Feature Film

Noah Forgione
Noah Forgione








Noah Forgione, a G-Star School of the Arts freshman, is appearing in the new film “Walt Before Disney.”

(Palm Beach County, FL) SEPTEMBER 9, 2015— The G-Star School of the Arts is pleased to announce that one of its students, Noah Forgione, is making his splash on film in the new film “Walt Before Mickey.”

Noah shares the role of Roy Disney with Jon Heder, who many movie fans will remember as the star of “Napoleon Dynamite.”

The film takes a look at Walt Disney’s early years in Kansas, where he began to develop his ideas about entertaining with animation. After serving in the Red Cross during World War I, Walt Disney came back to the United States to perfect the technology and hone the creativity that brought Mickey Mouse to life.

Since he was seven years old, Noah Forgione has been perfecting his own craft to land this role in a feature film. The ninth grader attends one of the country’s top schools for students interested in a career in the entertainment industry.

The G-Star School of the Arts reviews a number of areas of the industry, giving students the background they need to succeed in this highly competitive field.

For more information, visit the official website for the school at

G-Star School of the Arts Announces Halloween Film Contest






G-Star School is giving young filmmakers the chance to set their work in 19th century London.

(PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL) SEPTEMBER 4, 2015— The G-Star school of the Arts for Film, Animation and Performing Arts is pleased to announce an upcoming contest that will give young filmmakers a chance to develop their craft with the help of G-star students.

The G-Star Studios Cell Phone Film Festival brings these budding directors, writers and actors onto the nationally-recognized G-Star soundstage where they can being the process of building a story set in 19th century London, England during the time of Jack the Ripper.

On Sunday, October 18th, students will have a chance to visit the set and being thinking about their film. They will also be paired with student mentors from the G-Star school who can help students through the development of their story and also help with shooting and editing.

Over the next week, student will have a chance to write their story, and then the following weekend they will have a chance to shoot their film with their mobile device. G-Star student mentors will work with filmmakers to help them edit their work into a finished product.

Then, the filmmakers will have their chance to shine with a showing of their work in front of industry professionals at the Palm Beach International Film Festival Student Showcase.

For more information, visit the G-Star School’s website at