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History Presented in Naegeli Deposition & Trial Offices


(PORTLAND, OR) APRIL 21, 2016 – Attorneys with a love of history will be pleased to discover that three Naegeli Reporting Services offices now display letters and documents signed by former United States presidents.

Naegeli Deposition & Trial is a full service court reporting firm serving the Pacific Northwest for the last 35 years. Among their legal services are professional and fully staffed conference rooms, which legal professional can rent for depositions or other services.

These conference rooms are each named after a US president, and include such treasures as a Revolutionary War letter signed by George Washington, a deed signed by Thomas Jefferson, a peace treaty between the United States and Mexico signed by Ulysses S. Grant, and a Louisiana land grant signed by John Quincy Adams. All these documents and more from Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford can be viewed in Naegeli offices in Portland, Seattle, and Spokane.

Lawyers who choose to trust their cases with Naegeli can take advantage of Naegeli’s impressive legal services, such as certified reporting, videoconferencing, videography, transcription, trial support, and more. The team at Naegeli is HIPPA certified and the received the highest training possible in their field, so that each case is handled with the confidentiality and efficiency it deserves.

For more information on Naegeli Deposition & Trial and the firm’s impressive options for attorneys, visit the firm’s official website at or contact them today at (800) 528-3335.

Naegeli Deposition & Trial Hit the Green to Support a Great Cause


(PORTLAND, OR) APRIL 8, 2016 – Naegeli Reporting Services was proud to continue its 10+ year relationship with the Multnomah Bar Association by being an Affinity Sponsor at their annual Golf Championship fundraising event.

Naegeli Deposition & Trial is a full service court reporting firm that serves all of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, as well as clients around the country. With over 35 years of experience, their high value of customer service has earned them one of the best reputations in the Pacific Northwest.

The MBA Gold Championship was held at the exclusive Oregon Golf Club. The fundraiser supported the Volunteer Lawyer Project at Legal Aid Services of Oregon, a non-profit organization that “provides representation on civil cases to low-income clients throughout Oregon.”

Naegeli Deposition & Trial offers various legal services to attorneys, such as certified court reporters, beautiful conference room rentals, videography, video conferencing, and trial support. Whether it is a small, local case or a larger case across the country, Naegeli works one-on-one with each attorney to make sure all of their needs are being met with the professionalism and confidentiality it deserves.

For more information on Naegeli Deposition & Trial and the firm’s impressive options for attorneys, visit the firm’s official website at or contact them today at (800) 528-3335.

Naegeli Announces Services for Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nationwide

naegeli(PORTLAND, OR) MARCH 24, 2016— Naegeli Deposition and Trial is pleased to announce expanded services to meet the needs of attorneys in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and nationwide.

Headquartered in downtown Portland, Oregon, Naegeli has spent 35 years serving attorneys with court reporting services and experienced litigation support. All production from the firm is centralized and supervised from the Portland location, with court reporting professionals ready to serve in the Pacific Northwest and across the country.

Services from Top Portland Court Reporters

Services include:

  • Certified Reporting
  • Videoconferencing
  • Videography
  • Copying and Scanning
  • Transcription
  • Trial Support
  • Interpreters

Lawyers seeking Portland court reporters can choose Naegeli with confidence. The firm is HIPPA certified, meaning that confidential case materials will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Naegeli’s services and experienced team are a combination that allows lawyers to work in new ways. From case preparation through a verdict in the courtroom, they offer the innovative solutions that today’s attorneys need. Visit the firm’s official website at or contact them today at (800) 528-3335 for more information.

Hanna and Hanna Announces Services for Today’s Casework





Technology can offer ways to save time and money as cases unfold.

(HOUSTON, TX) FEBRUARY 26, 2016— Houston court reporters at Hanna & Hanna Certified Court Reporting and Video Specialists are pleased to announce a series of technology-based services that offer lawyers many more options as they work on today’s casework. These tools allow them to take greater advantage of multimedia platforms to work with different types of information in the law firm and in the courtroom.

Hanna & Hanna is a family-owned and operated court reporting firm that prides itself on staying up with the latest technology and outstanding customer service. The firm been in the court reporting and video business for over 25 years specializing in arbitrations, hearings, complex patent litigation and construction cases.

These new services, which include realtime reporting, videoconferencing, and a number of other video applications that can be used in many aspects of today’s legal work. These tools can be used to help lawyers save time, by giving them new ways to handle the multimedia information that is a part of today’s case materials.

This leader among Houston court reporting firms can also help lawyers in the courtroom, providing unparalleled litigation support.

For more information, visit the website

Bienenstock Announces New Services for Today’s Attorneys





New services mean more options and more flexibility for today’s legal professionals.

(DETROIT, MI) FEBRUARY 4, 2016— Detroit court reporters at Bienenstock Nationwide Reporting and Video are pleased to announce new services designed to meet the changing needs of today’s legal professionals.

Bienenstock court reporters have passed rigorous testing to earn the state certification of CSR. Many have gone on to earn additional national certifications of Registered Professional Reporter and Registered Merit Reporter. Realtime reporting requires an even higher skill level than non-Realtime. Bienenstock also boasts more Certified Realtime Reporters than any other firm in Michigan.

These new services cover the wide array of needs facing today’s attorneys as they take on today’s casework. Bienenstock has extensive training and experience with complex casework, and offers many services like realtime reporting, litigation support, legal videography, and trial presentation to support lawyers in the court room.

Bienenstock also leads Detroit court reporting firms by offering services across Michigan in cities like Ann Arbor, Flint, Grand Rapids and Saginaw.

For more information on Bienenstock and to schedule a service, visit the firm’s website at

Bienenstock Court Reporters Announces New Services for Today’s Top Attorneys




Bienenstock serves lawyers in Detroit an in many locations across Michigan.

(DETROIT, MI) OCTOBER 15, 2015— Detroit court reporters at Bienenstock Court Reporting and Video are pleased to announce a robust selection of services and technology to help lawyers meet the new challenges in today’s legal work.

Bienenstock Court Reporting & Video has been the leader in quality court reporting, legal video and litigation support services since 1995. Whether you have depositions in Detroit or Denver, or a trial presentation in New York or New Mexico, you can rely on Bienenstock Court Reporting & Video for prompt, professional, and problem-free service.

Bienenstock offers national scheduling, realtime reporting, and a wide range of video services to enhance every phase of legal work. Bienenstock’s professionals also have the experience to help lawyers meet new challenges, which makes Bienenstock a leader among Detroit court reporting firms.

Our experienced and professional staff can assist you from the opening of discovery to the close of your case by providing the highest quality court reporting and litigation support services available. We work hard to make your job easier.

Ludwig Klein Announces New Services to Meet the Needs of Top Attorneys




Ludwig Klein is positioning itself to be the go-to firm among Los Angeles court reporters.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) SEPTEMBER 21, 2015— Los Angeles court reporters at Ludwig Klein Reporters and Video are pleased to announce a new initiative to add technical services that meet the needs of top attorneys in Los Angeles and across Southern California.

Court reporting and legal videography are both essential for today’s attorneys. Whether it is in depositions, court trials, arbitration, seminars, hearings, and mock trials and juries, today’s lawyers are relying on innovative technology to help them work more effectively and take new command of the information they need for their cases.

Connectivity is at the core of many of these services, including realtime reporting, videoconferencing, encrypted email delivery of transcripts, and audio and video streaming. Each tool offers lawyers ways to expand their reach in the challenging Southern California market and beyond, even working remotely anywhere in the country or around the world with Ludwig and Klein’s worldwide scheduling.

Los Angeles court reporting firms like Ludwig Klein have the experience to help law firms capitalize on the rapid innovations in technology for the legal professional. They have worked to remain leaders in providing lawyers with the solutions for the challenges of today’s legal work.

For more information on how Ludwig Klein can help your law firm serve its clients better, visit their website at

AMK Reporting Announces Tools for Irvine Legal Professionals




AMK is a leader in providing lawyers with the latest technology.

(IRVINE, CA) SEPTEMBER 17, 2015— Irvine court reporters at AMK Reporting are pleased to announce many new technology-based services to help legal professionals meet the needs of their clients in a demanding legal field.

AMK Reporting and Videoconferencing Services offer the tools that today’s attorneys need to work with greater efficiency. These tools can help lawyers collect, manage, and deliver information in new ways, helping to work more effectively and deliver compelling arguments to jurors.

Today’s lawyers are working with many types of media, and Irvine court reporting firms like AMK can help lawyers work with audio and video files as well as documents packaged in any form. Video has become essential for today’s lawyers, and AMK can work with lawyers to make the most of this powerful media.

Connectivity is crucial in many types of cases. Whether it is realtime reporting that provides immediate access to rough transcripts as proceedings unfold or videoconferencing to provide new ways of connecting with co-counsel or witnesses, AMK can provide the support today’s lawyers need.

As the legal field presents new challenges, AMK can be a partner for law firms who want to integrate new technology and fresh ideas into how they manage their case materials and deliver their arguments.

Keleher’s Announces Fresno Court Reporting Services




Keleher’s is the soruce for top Fresno court reporters.

(FRESNO, CA) SEPTEMBER 17, 2015— Fresno court reporters at Keleher’s Certified Shorthand Reporters are pleased to announce new services to serve the legal community.

Keleher’s, a family run business, is now owned by Jean Keleher, the founder’s daughter, who started with the firm in 1978. Jean has expanded her father’s original ideas by adding amenities like spacious conference rooms and special services for out-of-town clientele. And of course there is always someone there to provide you with refreshments.

These new services meet the technical needs of today’s attorneys. They include videoconferencing, realtime reporting, and a wide range of litigation support tools to help lawyers work more efficiently and make an impact on jurors in the courtroom. These tools are rooted in the connectivity that has changed so many fields, and it can be used to save time and money for today’s busy attorneys who are working in today’s challenging environment.

Fresno court reporting firms like Keleher’s have worked to evolve and integrate new technology and services into their work. They are well positioned to offer lawyers innovative solutions to the challenges of today’s legal work, helping these legal professionals serve their clients better.

Ludwig Klein Announces New Services for Today’s Attorneys



Ludwig Klein has positioned itself as the source for new technology serving legal professionals in Southern California.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) SEPTEMBER 17, 2015— Los Angeles court reporters at Ludwig Klein Reporters and Video are pleased to announce the addition of new services to meet the needs of today’s busy attorneys in Southern California.

In the Los Angeles legal community, there is a growing awareness of the important role that technology can play in every facet of today’s casework. Los Angeles court reporting firms like Ludwig Klein, court reporting professionals are hard at work developing innovative solutions to the challenges facing lawyers in the law firm and in the courtroom.

Ludwig Klein provides court reporting and legal videography for depositions, court trials, arbitrations, seminars, hearings, and mock trials and juries.

The firm also offers many other services including realtime reporting, audio and video streaming, videoconferencing, and litigation support. These tools give lawyers ways to work more efficiently and effectively, better utilizing their time and talents to develop impactful arguments for their clients.

As the legal profession has evolved, it has been crucial for law firms to partner with court reporting professionals that can help them reach their goals. Ludwig Klein is ready to provide new ideas and an experienced team to help lawyers succeed.