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Lorian Bartle Announces New Bandcamp Page

(Denver, Colorado) April 25, 2018

Classical guitarist and music teacher Lorian Bartle of Denver, Colorado is pleased to announce the launch of her page. The new official Lorian Bartle Bandcamp page includes downloadable music. Lorian Bartle has recorded a variety of classical and folk pieces throughout her career. Her Bandcamp page represents a movement to allow her fans direct purchases of her recordings.

The first track available on the Bandcamp page is “Amazing Grace.” Ms. Bartle has also created videos of her performances on both Youtube and Vimeo.

Lorian Bartle plays Grow Old With Me from Lorian Bartle on Vimeo.

“Grow Old With Me” by Lorian Bartle on Vimeo

Lorian Bartle Plays “Ave Maria” on Youtube

For more information about Lorian Bartle visit her official website at

MS Focus Magazine Publishes “Planning for Your Family’s Long Term Care” by Mark Shalloway

(New York) December 18, 2017

MS Focus Magazine is pleased to announce the publication of “Planning for Your Family’s Long Term Care” by Mark Shalloway. The article appears in the latest issue of the official publication of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation. MS Focus publishes original articles and profiles related to living with Multiple Sclerosis including news on treatments, medication and lifestyles. Recent articles include “Early Sings and Symptoms of MS.”

Mark Shalloway is an attorney whose area of practice focuses on the care of elderly and those with special needs such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and other ailments. He is the founder and President of the firm Shalloway & Shalloway, P. A.  based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Mr. Shalloway’s article provides interesting statistics and viewpoints on the relationship between personal finances and insurance care via Medicaid. It includes notes about the differences in Medicaid coverage for certain diseases and ailments and an analysis of the discrepancies in insurance coverage for veterans versus non-veterans over 65 years of age.

The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation is the nation’s leading advocacy organization on this terrible and debilitating disease. Their website at provides a number of free resources and a community forum for those affected by multiple sclerosis.

For more information on the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation read their mission statement at

For more information about Mark Shalloway, visit the official Mark Shalloway Twitter page.

MediaSophia Announces New Contemporary Art Campaigns for Galleries, Auction Houses and Collectors

May 4, 2016, Lake Worth, Florida

MediaSophia, an internet marketing and design firm in Lake Worth, Florida, is pleased to announce the creation of a new contemporary art division dedicated to providing elegant campaigns for galleries, auction houses, artists, museums and collectors. The services include custom mobile-friendly web design, social media campaigns, branding, reputation management and public relation along with custom marketing campaigns that provide a heightened brand awareness for specific artists and works.

While the contemporary art market is heating up at a record pace thanks to new frontiers abroad in the form of private collectors and art fairs, the industry lags behind many others when it comes to marketing and selling its artists online.

The President of MediaSophia, George Magalios, shares his excitement regarding this new venture: “We’re pleased to begin this new division of services for the contemporary art industry as it is very dear to me. Having been a practicing artist and counting many artists friends, I feel like we are taking our company to an exciting place”.

The new division will include customized campaigns that maximize the valuations of younger artists and collectors by promoting both the market side and the conceptual/artistic side of their work.

For more information visit the official MediaSophia Contemporary art page at or call 561.701.8612.

G-Star Students Work in Big Week at G-Star Studios

gstar(PALM SPRINGS, FL) FEBRUARY 4, 2016– G-Star Studios (owned and operated by the G-Star School of the Arts), South Florida’s largest motion picture studio, has opened up a new season of productions with a back lot full of feature films, episodic web & TV shows, and major commercials. G-Star students are working on all the shows as cast and/or crew.

This past week auditions for a new web-based TV show, “In Sanity, Florida,” were held in Sound Stage 1 to accommodate the short list of 250 of the 1700 actors who submitted for parts in the show. The web-based TV show’s (then to cable) first season, produced by See-Worthy Films owned by Marc Zatorsky and Shawn Morell, will be shot at various Palm Beach County locations as well as at G-Star Studios beginning in April. Sanity is a comedy about a crazy small town in Florida.

Auditions were also held for “HENRI,” a drama written and directed by Octavian O for New Beginnings Films; an action and suspense story about a martial arts fighter who returns to his hometown to defend himself and the ones he loves, will be shot on G-Star Studios back lot. Scenes from the feature film B.F.F., a film that explores the potentially disastrous relationship between two teenage boys and a girl, were also shot on the G-Star Studios back lot. The film is written and directed by David Haines for RD Productions.

Requests for scouting to shoot at the G-Star Studios film production facilities in the near future have come from a feature film for select scenes starring one of the silver screen’s biggest stars; a major commercial by a multi-billion dollar sports company (back for a third production); and a new episodic TV show already licensed for a major cable network. All productions will include G-Star students.

Additionally, the G-Star School of the Arts will be hosting an open house next month. On March 5th and 6th from 1-2:30 p.m. students and parents are invited to come in and learn more about what makes G-Star one of the top Palm Beach County charter schools.

Toronto Artist Paul Sop Announces New Pages on his Tumblr Account

Artist Raising Awareness About His Music and Photography

Toronto Artist Paul Sop Announces New Pages on his Tumblr Account
Paul Sop creates ambient music, industrial music and other styles of music.





Seeking to make his Tumblr page more interactive and informative, the artist, photographer and musician has added a number of pages to 

(TORONTO, ON) NOVEMBER 20, 2014 – Paul Sop, a Toronto based artist, announces the publication of new pages on his Tumblr site. The artist has added a links page, music page, about page and photography page to his Tumblr webpage. Tumblr, a highly popular micro-blogging site used by hundreds of millions of people, has become a popular forum for people to interact with communities of people with similar interests, as well a platform for sharing their interests with the world.

Artist’s songs and Photos Posted on Many Sites

Visit the artist’s Tumblr page,, to look over the new content on the site. Paul Sop, a businessman and technologist as well as a photographer and musician, uses his Tumblr page for promotional posts as well as an avenue to release Paul Sop news. Stay current with Paul Sop Toronto music by following the artist on Tumblr and social media sites such as Pinterest, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.

Readers can access Paul Sop photography on blogs dedicated to his photography as well as sites like Flickr, Etsy and Photo-Bucket.