Gregory James Blount Announces New Sound Tree Entertainment Services










For more than two decades, Gregory James Blount has worked as an insider in the entertainment industry, developing talent for all mediums.

(JUPITER, FL) FEBRUARY 23, 2016— Gregory James Blount is pleased to announce that his firm, Sound Tree Entertainment, is offering new services to help guide tyoung talented people and their families as they navigate the complexities of the entertainment industry.

Sound Tree Entertainment offers many options and opportunities for talented people to take the next step on their career. The firm is a fixture in the South Florida entertainment industry, and currently is developing many different vehicles to propel the careers of talented young people.

Blount’s book, “Talent 101— The Guide to Breaking into the Entertainment Industry and Not Get Scammed,” has become essential reading for talent and their families. The guide has been featured on many film commission websites, and has the answers to many questions.

Some of those questions include:

  • What are the realities?
  • How do I find out if an agent or firm is legitimate?
  • How do I empower my child if they have a special talent?
  • Will investing monetarily enrich their talent?
  • What is the difference between drama and acting?

For more information on how Sound Tree Entertainment can provide guidance for talented people and their families, contact them today.