Month: September 2015

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Keleher’s Certified Shorthand Reporters Announce Services in Fresno



Keleher’s is positioned to help lawyers meet today’s challenges.

(FRESNO, CA) SEPTEMBER 4, 2015— Fresno court reporters at Keleher’s Certified Shorthand Reporters are pleased to announce an expansion of services to serve the legal community in Fresno, California.

Over the last several years, the legal profession has changed. There are new pressures and new challenges facing lawyers in their law firm and in the courtroom. Fortunately, some of these challenges can be met with innovative technology that can be integrated into the law firm. Keleher’s leads Fresno court reporting firms because of the firm’s commitment to remaining ahead of the quickly-changing technology that can enhance legal work.

Keleher’s offers traditional and realtime court reporting, LiveNote, CaseView, and can work on litigation and arbitration. This leader among Fresno court reporting firms also offers a wide range of litigation support services including transcripts in many formats to serve lawyers better.

Keleher’s also has the unique experience to integrate these new tools into law firms, providing attorneys with the support they need so that they can concentrate their time and talents on serving their clients better.

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Ludwig Klein Announces New Services for Los Angeles Attorneys


Ludwig and Klein are offering the services that make them leaders among Los Angeles court reporters.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) SEPTEMBER 4, 2015— Los Angeles court reporters at Ludwig Klein Reporters and Video Inc. are pleased to announce a new effort to provide more services to the legal community in Los Angeles and Southern California.

As the legal profession has changed, more and more lawyers have become reliant on new technology to help them meet the challenges of their work. Los Angeles court reporting firms like Ludwig Klein have worked to perfect the use of videoconferencing, full service litigation support, conference rooms, indexing, and other technology.

These tools also offer new ways to handle the diverse types of media that are an increasingly important part of assembling and then presenting today’s cases. Every step of the way, Ludwig Klein will help to make this technology more effective.

These new tools can be integrated in to case preparation efforts inside the law firm and they can also have a powerful impact in the courtroom. Ludwig Klein has the experience to help integrate these tools into legal work, crafting innovative solutions to the challenges lawyers face every day.

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