G-Star School of the Arts Announces Student Appearing in Feature Film

Noah Forgione
Noah Forgione








Noah Forgione, a G-Star School of the Arts freshman, is appearing in the new film “Walt Before Disney.”

(Palm Beach County, FL) SEPTEMBER 9, 2015— The G-Star School of the Arts is pleased to announce that one of its students, Noah Forgione, is making his splash on film in the new film “Walt Before Mickey.”

Noah shares the role of Roy Disney with Jon Heder, who many movie fans will remember as the star of “Napoleon Dynamite.”

The film takes a look at Walt Disney’s early years in Kansas, where he began to develop his ideas about entertaining with animation. After serving in the Red Cross during World War I, Walt Disney came back to the United States to perfect the technology and hone the creativity that brought Mickey Mouse to life.

Since he was seven years old, Noah Forgione has been perfecting his own craft to land this role in a feature film. The ninth grader attends one of the country’s top schools for students interested in a career in the entertainment industry.

The G-Star School of the Arts reviews a number of areas of the industry, giving students the background they need to succeed in this highly competitive field.

For more information, visit the official website for the school at gstarschool.org.