Boston Court Reporters Announce New Services for Legal Professionals





O’Brien & Levine Court Reporters is a leader in among New England court reporters.

(BOSTON, MA) JUNE 23, 2015— Boston court reporters at O’Brien & Levine Court Reporters are pleased to announce new services to serve the legal community around Boston.

For more than a quarter century, O’Brien & Levine have been recognized as a firm that can meet the needs of attorneys even in the most extraordinary circumstances. Time and time again they have proven themselves to be the source for the experience and services that lawyers need when they are in New England.

O’Brien & Levine Court Reporters is pleased to announce a number of services to help lawyers meet the needs of their clients. O’Brien & Levine offers a wide range of court reporting services including:

  • Rough transcripts;
  • Document transcriptions;
  • Paperless depositions;
  • Online repository
  • Streaming text and video.

Lawyers can also enjoy the video and trial support services that are crucial to many cases in today’s multimedia world.

O’Brien & Levine Court Reporters also can help local attorneys schedule services anywhere in the country in order to expand their reach, and they also work with legal professionals visiting from around the country.

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