In View Series Bringing Viewers Stories About Medical Rehabilitation and Support Companies

Showcasing Support Organizations for Patients and Families

In View hosted by Larry King producers planning to highlight more organizations, facilities and corporations that provide rehabilitation services for patients with various conditions, as well as support services for patients and their families.

(BOCA RATON, FL) JUNE 9, 2014 –In many cases, people survive bouts with illness, disease and injury, but face long-term struggles and challenges on the path toward recovery. Hoping to spotlight some of the companies, non-profit organizations, medical facilities and medical professionals that offer rehab and support services for patients and families affected by various conditions, diseases and circumstances, producers for the In View series announced today that they want showcase groups, companies and facilities that provide long-term care and support for patients’ families and for patients themselves. Recently, the In View series hosted by Larry King took a look at Neuro International LLC, a company devoted to helping patients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, as well as helping the families and caretakers of TBI patients. With seemingly endless numbers of medical conditions and diseases that can affect people, many noteworthy groups and organizations have formed to provide people with valuable information, support and other services.

Show Producers Seek Out Positive Stories Nationwide

Behind the leadership of Walter Waiters executive producer, the producers and associate producers for the In View TV show (855-446-8439) seek out positive stories about various subjects, including the environment, the American military, education, medicine, science, technology, industry, corporations, universities, schools and many other subjects. Members of the In View Larry King producer team identify various subjects to present on the program, which reaches viewers across the United States. Show producers like associate producer Michael Guill, senior associate producer John Patrick, associate producer Rachel Van Drake, associate producer Karla Sullivan and associate producer Brian Cahill speak with leaders in various industries, along with municipal leaders, civic leaders and elected officials to discover upbeat stories to feature on the program. The show’s producers find stories all across Canada and the United States to present on the program.

The production team for the In View series hosted by Larry King (561-279-3550) will look for examples of medical groups, medical facilities and medical professionals that help patients and their families overcome various medical challenges. The In View Series Producer group has many experienced and creative team members, including associate producer Leonard Warren, senior associate producer Joel Walters and associate producer David Kent, who develop original content for the program.