Web Design Company in West Palm Beach Announces New Custom WordPress Design Packages


Web Design Company in West Palm Beach Announces New Custom WordPress Design Packages
Mediasophia is offering prospective clients custom WordPress packages that incorporate state of the art web design

“The WordPress packages are guaranteed to position clients for a dramatic increase in revenues very quickly.” -George Magalios

WEST PALM BEACH, FL,(MARCH,6 2014) — Simple, smart design that is both SEO-friendly and state-of-the-art will position businesses to reach the largest audience and increase revenues. When a company is represented on the Internet with a seductive and alluring site that is visible for important keyword searches, it will hold the interest of viewers and solicit more sales. Mediasophia is offering custom WordPress packages and web design in Palm Beach to support clients in developing a powerful online presence that yields a large return on investment. The new marketing packages will position clients ahead of the leading businesses that currently dominate Google search engine results.

A first place position for industry specific, popular searches is extremely valuable in acquiring new customers. The companies that maintain top visibility for multiple keyword searches dominate search engine rankings and as a result are claiming seventy-five percent of market shares.

Different from standard SEO companies, Mediasophia is a full-service marketing firm that provides elite Internet marketing inclusive of web design, organic search engine optimization and online reputation management. It represents clients as the leading businesses in diverse markets with state-of-the-art web design and top visibility on the web. Its online reputation management programs ensure client profiles are positive and reflective of success.