New York Marketing Firm Announces Online Reputation Management to Increase Popularity


“Actors, musicians and entertainers that invest in reputation management reach large audiences and organically increase a loyal fan base.” –George Magalios

HOLLYWOOD, CA (March 11, 2014)– Sophiastar is pleased to announce online reputation management for actor and musicians looking to increase popularity and launch careers. Online reputation management for actors includes the creation of an Internet identity and the marketing and development of that image across the web. The actors and musicians investing in online reputation management benefit from enhanced public relations, exposure to large audiences and a following of fans.

Promoting ones career increases the chance of obtaining work and achieving success. Even the most talented performers will go unrecognized if the music they create is not heard. A web presence will determine how an actor or musician is perceived by the public, casting agents, and industry professionals.

Taking charge of success by highlighting performances and engaging fans in social media communications will create a buzz, increase  popularity and support success.

Sophiastar is a full service-marketing firm that specializes in online reputation management and Internet PR for actors and musicians. Its clients are represented on the Internet with powerful profiles that reflect a desired image to organically increase popularity and achieve celebrity sta