Mediasophia, New SEO Promotion Leads the Way with Google Hummingbird Results

Mediasophia, New SEO Promotion Leads the Way with Google Hummingbird Results
Mediasophia’s Search Engine Optimization promotion takes the lead in achieving results with Hummingbird programming.

“Thanks to Google Hummingbird, our clients have found their spot in first place among the elite.” –George Magalios

WEST PALM BEACH, FL,(MARCH,7 2014) Top rankings are the equivalent to prime location. In today’s e-commerce system, having a website listed first for important keyword searches enables companies to reach the largest audience and maximize earning potential. With the new Google Hummingbird programming in place, Mediasophia has found great success in obtaining top rankings for elongated keywords more commonly used since the introduction of smart phones and conversational surfing.

The new system enables people seeking information on the web to more efficiently find what they are looking for. Mediasophia welcomes the improved shift in algorithms as it has opened the door for alternate placement of new client position in ranking. The new SEO promotion will empower clients to achieve search engine rankings that will result in immediate returns. Mediasophia’s web design in Palm Beach in combination with organic optimization is positioning clients to maximize earning potential. 

Mediasophia is a full-service Internet marketing firm that offers online reputation management, organic custom search engine optimization and sophisticated web design for businesses in progressive cities. Its clients are earning first place rankings with Hummingbird programming and dominating search engine results.