Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers Announce Launch of Page for Asbestos Victims

Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers Announce Launch of Page for Asbestos Victims
Sarah Showard of the Showard Law Firm








New page will empower Tucson asbestos victims with the best information about how to pursue their case.

(TUCSON, AZ) FEBRUARY 6, 2014— Tucson personal injury lawyers at the Showard Law Firm are pleased to announce a new web page devoted to giving people the most up-to-date information about asbestos exposure, mesothelioma, and other asbestos related illnesses.

On the new page, visitors can learn more about some of the specific impacts of asbestos exposure and how the symptoms of exposure can be missed for years. People can also learn about some of the types of damages that are eligible to be collected if they attempt to seek justice for their injuries and illnesses. There are also links to other pages that outline in greater detail how some of these damage are collected in each particular case.

The Showard Law Firm has become a leading firm in providing people with aggressive and experienced legal representation in the Tucson area. Their team of personal injury attorneys handles a variety of cases in addition to the defective consumer product lawsuits. They also handle premises liability cases, bad medication cases, and also offer representation to people who have been injured by medical devices and implants.

To see the new page or to learn more about the Showard Law Firm, visit the website showardlaw.com.

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