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In View Series with Larry King Announces New Report on Disaster Relief

In View Series with Larry King Announces New Report on Disaster Relief









Innovation in this important field is giving people the supplies and help they need after a disaster.

(BOCA RATON, FL) JANUARY 10, 2014– The producers of the In View series with Larry King are pleased to announce an upcoming report exploring how disaster relief organizations are evolving and changing the way they respond when disasters strike.

In this new report that will air on cable television, the In View producers are looking at how these organizations are working to lower response times after disasters. When earthquakes, hurricanes, and other calamities happen, it is important to get lifesaving supplies into areas quickly. Often food, water, and medical supplies are in desperate need, and finding new ways to more efficiently deliver them is crucial.

As the population moves closer to the coasts, hurricanes impacting urban areas will be of increasing concern. In this new report audiences will see how the lessons of Superstorm Sandy in New York are helping to change the way relief organizations do their work, meaning that communities can begin the rebuilding process more quickly.

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