Academy Medical Announces Partnership with Astura Medical

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(West Palm Beach, Florida) June 4, 2019

Astura Medical, a high-growth, innovative spine technology company, and Academy Medical, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with priority status with government purchasing agents, today announced their partnership for contracting within the Department of Defense (DoD) and VA.

Academy Medical’s goal is to provide sales channels, via contracts, to appropriate medical and surgical vendors, ultimately creating a streamlined, more efficient process for government purchasing agents. Astura Medical’s partnership with Academy Medical will help advance their penetration into the VA and DoD marketplace – resulting in better healthcare for our veterans and active military members and their families.

When looking for businesses to collaborate with in order to provide best-in-class technology to hospitals and physicians, Ryan Isham, Vice President of Med/Surg at Academy Medical, says, “It is our goal is to partner with manufacturers that can provide the solutions, currently and in the future, that can help us provide value to the government while increasing the level of care veterans, active duty military, and their families receive. Through our partnership with Astura, we will be able to further deliver on that goal.”

Credit: Astura Medical

Astura has established itself as one of the fastest growing companies in spine today, with annual revenue growth of 312% in 2017 and 104% in 2018.  The company was founded in Dec. 2014 around a disciplined, multi-phased approach to the development, manufacturing, and distribution of spinal instrumentation and implants. The company’s unique approach has led to a number of innovative technologies such as their recently commercialized solutions – Half Dome X Expandable Posterior Lumbar Interbody System and Olympic MIS Posterior Spinal Fixation System.

For more information about Astura Medical, please visit or find them on LinkedIn.

For more information about Academy Medical and their services, call (888) 860-0561, email

380 Columbia Dr STE 100, West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Hanna Reporting Featured on Legalsophia Medium

(Houston, Texas) May 30, 2019

Hanna & Hanna Reporting is pleased to announce their feature on Legalsophia’s Medium page. Legalsophia is a marketing firm that helps legal clients achieve great strides in business. Their Medium blog profiles leaders in the legal community—from stellar attorneys to brilliant litigation firms.

The company’s most recent profile was on Hanna & Hanna Reporting, a major court reporting firm in Houston, Texas. The piece highlighted what separates Hanna & Hanna from other Houston court reporters—their dedication to their work, their utilization of the latest technology in the legal world, and their standard of court reporting.

The staff at Hanna & Hanna have modeled their business around client needs. As clients have come to Hanna Reporting with more demands, Hanna’s executives have molded their business to fit clients needs. It is why they have come to offer an after-hours booking engine. Sometimes accidents happen, and a court reporting service falls through. Hanna Reporting vows to be there to pick up the pieces. By sending an email to, clients will receive a prompt email or phone call in response from a representative who truly wants to help them.

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With Hanna Reporting, clients are more than a number. The staff truly wants to make a difference in their client’s cases, because they know just how important the work of an attorney can be. They do what they can to help clients make a positive impact on the lives of others.

For more information about Hanna & Hanna, call the firm at 713.840.8484, email them at, or visit their offices.

8582 Katy Freeway, Suite 105, Houston, Texas 77024

Mark Shalloway Featured in Super Lawyers Magazine

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(West Palm Beach, Florida) May 22, 2019

Mark Shalloway is pleased to announce his feature in Super Lawyers Magazine 2019 list of Florida Super Lawyers. Super Lawyers is one of the top resources for legal professionals in the United States, and regularly compiles lists of the best of the best across the nation. Mark Shalloway is pleased to be among these talented and respected attorneys featured. The magazine will be published on May 30, 2019, so attorneys and clients alike can read about their favorite elder law attorney in West Palm Beach then.

This comes as no surprise to clients of Mark Shalloway. For those in the West Palm area who have had to go to an attorney for wills and trusts, guardianship, or any other elder law issues, they know the best person to turn to is Mark Shalloway. He doesn’t work for the money—he works to make a difference in his community, and does everything in his power to ensure his clients (and their families) are living the best lives possible.

“The time you took out of your busy schedule was most appreciated,” one client says. “We all learned something new and valuable. Thank you for a very eye-opening session.”

Mark Shalloway and his staff of qualified and quality attorneys at Shalloway & Shalloway are dedicated to making the lives of their clients easier. No matter how big or small a case may be, Shalloway takes on each and every one with the same level of dedication and respect that makes him one of the most sought-after attorneys in Palm Beach. Shalloway is truly deserving of the title “Super Lawyer.”

For more information on Mark Shalloway and his firm call (561) 686-6200, or visit their offices.

1400 Centrepark Blvd, Suite #600, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Gore Brothers Announces Guide to Washington D.C.

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(Baltimore, Maryland) May 21, 2019

Gore Brothers is pleased to announce a new page on their website—their guide to Washington D.C.. Because the dedicated staff at Gore Brothers services, Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C., they want to ensure clients in each and every area know where to find important resources. This page serves as a landing point for those resources. In one, easy to digest location, attorneys have access to websites on the local courthouse, visitor center, events, as well as restaurants and hotels.

When it comes to court reporting and litigation firms in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia, few have stood the test of time like Gore Brothers. For nearly 60 years, the Gore Brothers’ high standard of quality, reliability, and personalized service have propelled the business forward to become the premiere court reporting firm in the area. These litigation services have served on major cases—such as in Poland to report statements from survivors of concentration camps—but small cases as well. There isn’t a case that is too much, or not enough, for the professionals at Gore Brothers.

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“I have been a loyal client of Gore Brothers and Joe Grabowski for a long time,” one client says. “Everyone I have dealt with at Gore is professional and skilled.  Further, they put their clients first and have been able to handle the last minute “emergency” jobs without delay.  I definitely have enjoyed the working relationship I have had with Gore and Joe, and look forward to working with them in the future. “

The specialists at Gore Brothers provide services for attorneys and paralegals across the legal spectrum. Whether a top-tier court reporting, legal video, or trial presentation service is needed, clients can count on Gore Brothers to deliver the results they need, when they need them.

For more information on Gore Brothers Reporting & Video Company call (410) 837-3027, email, or visit their offices.

Gore Brothers Main Office

36 South Charles Street, Suite 2002, Baltimore, MD 21201


BWF Announces New Office Location

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(Portland, Oregon) May 14, 2019

Beovich, Walter & Friend is pleased to announce their brand-new office location! The Portland court reporters still reside in their home city, but now they preform their work in a new office space that can better serve the needs of their clients. Clients can schedule the quality services they have grown to expect—such as court reporting, videography, trial presentation, and more—in a fresh location.

There isn’t a more prolific court reporting firm in the Pacific Northwest than Beovich, Walter & Friend (BWF) Certified Court Reporters. Since 1957, BWF’s talented staff has served legal cases big and small across the entire spectrum of law. They promote the highest standard of court reporting that the industry has to offer—with a staggeringly high degree of speed, accuracy, efficiency, and quality of customer service.

“Beovich Walter and Friend has been my first choice in court reporting services for many years,” one client says. “The accuracy of the firm’s work is exemplary, and their reporters are always friendly and courteous to all parties.”

Credit: Gramann Reporting

As technology as changed and shaped the legal world, BWF Reporters have adapted to fit it into their business. BWF stays up to date with all the latest trends and implements them into their work—be it through new tech, like offering a 24/7 mobile-friendly scheduling engine, or simply adding new services to their lineup of litigation support. In Portland, and the Pacific Northwest, attorneys and paralegals know they can count on BWF.

For more information on BWF, call (503) 228-7201, email, or visit their new offices.

1000 SW Broadway, Suite 1660 Portland, OR  97205

AMK Announces Tips of Help Your Court Reporter


(Irvine, California) May 9, 2019

Abrams, Mah & Kahn Reporting (AMK Reporting) is pleased to announce their new page of tips to help your court reporter. Court reporters are responsible for providing attorneys with transcripts of their depositions and trials, which they achieve through their inhuman typing speed. Despite the high level of accuracy a court reporter much achieve in order to become certified, there are a few, easy things attorneys can do to ensure the most accurate transcript possible. The page advises to provide correct spelling of important words, speak clearly, and to not use inarticulate sounds.

Abrams, Mah & Kahn is one of the leading court reporting firms in Southern California. Since 1990, AMK Reporting has played a major role in a number of large, complex cases, but it isn’t size that matters. No matter how big, small, or how many services booked, AMK treats each and every client with the same level of respect and diligence. The talented staff is committed to providing the best results on a case, because it is client satisfaction that that drives AMK to be the best.

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“When it comes to court reporting firms, AMK stands out,” Logan Copley, a business and legal consultant from Liverpool, New York says. “Their quality of reporting, their accuracy, their timeliness, and their customer service are top tier, and they come together to form the best court reporting experience in the business.”

Whether a client needs a court reporting service, trial support, or realtime reporting, AMK has them covered. The staff at AMK approaches each and every one of their services with the utmost care. Attorneys and paralegals need not worry about whether or not AMK will be able to serve their specific area of practice—the staff has vast knowledge of every branch to ensure their accuracy. No matter what a client needs, AMK goes the extra mile.

For more information, call (949) 261-8686, email, or visit their offices.

2171 Campus Drive, Suite 240, Irvine, California 92612

Academy Medical Announces Xtant Medical DAPA Contract

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(West Palm Beach, Florida) May 2, 2019

Academy Medical is pleased to announce that one of their many partners, Xtant Medical, has been added to Academy Medical’s DAPA contract. Xtant Medical develops and manufactures innovative, quality surgical products for the treatment of degenerative, and traumatic conditions—for both orthopedic and neurological applications. Their partnership with Academy Medical will allow clinicians access to a variety of Xtant products—from OsteoSponge® to Axle®.

That is Academy Medical’s primary goal: getting quality medical equipment and supplies into the hands of the professionals who need it most. The professionals who save lives should have nothing but the best equipment, because our veterans and active military members and their families deserve the best healthcare.

Because of the company’s status as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Academy Medical is able to provide manufacturers access to government contracts they may not have been able to otherwise. Whether of manufacturer requires a Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA), a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA), or a Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC) Top 18 Implants contract, Academy Medical can get their partners access to government contracts – and provide the best in healthcare.

“Our use of technology minimizes workflow and offers seamless integration while maximizing continuity – providing an agile system,” Ryan Isham, VP of Med/Surg at Academy Medical says. “We have extensive experience in sourcing government solicitations, and troubleshooting procurement issues. In fact, Academy Medical fields Account Executives whose role is to ensure a trouble-free procurement process. Only Academy Medical has Flightline, our robust web-based electronic commerce platform that connects our manufacturing partners with the Government end users and enables real-time order processing and shipment tracking, resulting in a streamlined and traceable purchasing and shipping process.”

Academy Medical’s goal is to provide the best and most innovative products to the VA and DoD.  Their partnership with top medical and surgical vendors and their tireless efforts to work with the VA and DoD demonstrates their commitment to providing the best possible healthcare to veterans and military members and their families.

For more information about Academy Medical and their services, call (888) 860-0561, email

380 Columbia Dr STE 100, West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Advanced Weight Loss Announces New FAQ

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(Corpus Christi, Texas) April 30, 2019

Advanced Weight Loss, the premiere location for in Corpus Christi for medically supervised weight loss, is pleased to announce their new and improved page of frequently asked questions. The page answers clients’ most pressing questions about the Advanced Weight Loss Program and the Crave Control Supplement in a concise, easy to read fashion. In just a few minutes, clients can learn all about how the program differs from other weight loss alternatives, how much weight loss can be expected, and more.

For Dr. Dale Eubank, it isn’t the number his clients hit that is important to him—it’s making a difference in the lives of the millions of overweight Americans. After years of watching women struggle with their weight and turn to unhealthy fad-diets to shed those stubborn pounds, Dr. Eubank decided to open his own weight loss clinic. With the Advanced Weight Loss Program and the Crave Control Supplement, women lose an average of 25 to 35 pounds, and men lose an average of 35 to 45 pounds in 12 weeks.

“Obesity is one of the biggest threats to American health,” Daniel Shaw, President of Academy Medical says. “It can lead anything from joint problems, to deadly conditions such as heart disease.”

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Dr. Eubank and his staff at Advanced Weight Loss are working to eradicate that threat. He makes it easy for his clients to get in the best shapes of their lives with individualized care and personalized exercise/diet regimens. If a client was uncertain about moving forward with Dr. Eubank’s program, there is no risk in coming in for a meeting. Every client’s first consultation is free—giving them the opportunity to decide whether or not the program is right for them, and it almost always is.

For more information about Advanced Weight Loss and the company’s medically supervised program, call (361) 906-1112, email, or visit their offices.

 5920 Saratoga Boulevard, Suite 110B, Corpus Christi, Texas 78414

Academy Medical Announces Addition of Skye Biologics to FSS Contract

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Academy Medical is pleased to announce their partner, Skye Biologics has been added to Academy Medical’s FSS contract.  Skye Biologics develops and manufactures BioECM® products designed to assist the body in its natural ability to remodel properly. These products are formulated to protect and augment degenerated or damaged tissues in surgical repairs and non-operative therapy as a potential alternative to surgery. Their best-known technology, HydraTek®, has been used in a wide variety of surgical and in-office applications—from wound care, to sports medicine. Their strategic partnership with Academy Medical helps provide clinicians with advanced wound care technologies.

For years, Academy Medical has been working with both government procurement agencies and medical/surgical manufacturers to help simplify the contracting process and provide more sales channels to the manufacturers. Academy Medical’s efforts can help manufacturers gain access to government contracts faster than they would by themselves – resulting in new and innovative therapies available sooner.

Academy Medical’s status as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) allows the company to provide manufacturers access points to contracts such as the Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC) Top 18 Implants, Distribution and Pricing Agreements (DAPA), Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA), and more. This access provides a venue for manufacturers to make available the top quality, new and innovative products necessary to deliver the excellent care our veterans and active military personal and their families deserve

For more information about Academy Medical and their services, call (888) 860-0561, email, or visit their offices.

NNRC Announces New Legal Video FAQ

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(Folsom, California) March 19, 2019

The National Network Reporting Company (NNRC) is pleased to announce their brand-new page of frequently asked questions about legal video. Legal videography has become a massive part of the litigation industry over the years, but many professionals still have questions about how legal videography can benefit their case. In just a few minutes, potential clients can have many of their top questions about videography answered: why videotape a deposition, how is it used, if deposition videographers are certified, if a video of a deposition can be used in place of live testimony, how a witness should prepare for a video deposition, and what deposition synchronizing is.

Once clients have a complete understanding of legal videography, they can schedule a service with the NNRC. With an unparalleled level of attention to detail, videographers will do what they can to make sure the quality of audio and video is as best as it possible can be. They will gladly provide clients synchronized video as soon as they need it.

“A willingness to bend and shape one’s services to their clients’ needs really makes a massive difference in the outcome of that client’s case,” Brandon Bell, an expert from O’Fallon, Illinois says. “No matter the scheduled service, the clients of the NNRC can be confident they are booking that level of dedicated service.”

The NNRC offers clients a full range of litigation services. Whether in need of a legal video, court reporting, trial presentation, or any other sort of legal service, the professionals at the NNRC will treat clients with the utmost care and respect. No case is too big or small.

For more information on the NNRC and their offered services, call (866) 337-6672 or email